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Weekend to remember 9/5/2011 

Posted on: 5/24/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 382

It was a crazy, hazy mad weekend!  Friday was shopping, shopping and shopping for food for the weekend.  We kicked off the weekend with visiting belles from the Seychelles.... we had a girlie party of our own on Friday night... ended up chilling on the verandah and listening to music under african skies til 2am. I think I was smoking silly things!  Boy did my hair turn curly over night!  We delighted in Rosie's culinary skills once again and ate and drank like true champions.
  Saturday I sucked in all the music I could get. Firstly went to the mall and listened to some of my favourite jazz muso's  - Mark on keyboards, Philani on base and Shaun blowing tunes on his sax. Those boys are heaven sent. Our convo centered around the Green Dolphin closing down. Its shocking that an institution like Green Dolphin passes on without any fanfare and that the public are complacent about this.  And all that jazz.....
So back to Saturday. I decided early that I would spend the afternoon at Moonshadows at the German Club and catch some of my favourite Durban artists in action at the Tribute for Syd Kitchen. I got off to a good start with a couple of glasses of chilled vinho and half a dozen oysters.   It was fabulous despite me falling on my head at one stage. All Nathans fault for gallantly buying me way too many double JW's (I think he wanted his evil way with me).  The boys rocked though ... Steve Fataar, John Ellis, Rob Warren and David Marks, Mike Raftery .. the list is endless. I bumped down the stairs as Mirriam Erasmus was just ending her gig.  There were so many brilliant musicians there apart from those I mention.. but I don't have their names to pay tribute. The place was well supported by an eclectic mix of people and ages. This certainly emphasises that there should be more of these gigs on Saturday afternoons. We rocked the afternoon away and I totally misbehaved (as usual) - but there has to be one hooligan amongst the Usual Suspects to keep things rolling.  Rosie had cooked us a roast and I promised to be home by 8pm.  Imagine my dismay when I suddenly realised it was 10pm already.  Kisses are a drug!!!  As we end all nights.. Rosie and I sat on the verandah and had our last *slaap doppie* (SA for "sleep drink") and nibbled on a perfectly roasted belly of pork. 
Sunday came in on a wave.  I was woken at 6.30am by Princess Child shortly followed by Angel Child wishing me happiness for the day.  The rain was lashing down and it took all effort to drag myself out under the warm duvet to get ready for our sushi lunch at the Elangeni Hotel.  Sadly only one of my spawns could make it (thanks Jax and Ro) and we had a great time. I have Mothers Day quite often (about 52 times a year) - so it wasn't anything to cry over that Angel child and The Prince Boy were waylaid.  We wound our way back in the afternoon and were joined by Malcolm and Laurence for a good game of Shanghai, more oysters and much more of those adult liquid refreshments. 
A weekend to remember!

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