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It was a lekka holiday Jan 2012 

Posted on: 5/24/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 377

It was a lekka holiday.
As I tied up the loose strings before packing the “Little Green Spliff”… last minute orders and instruction to my 2iC and housekeeper, Anthea – I drove out the gates of the safari park with a light and beating “full throttle” heart.  Music on full blast I managed to take a wrong left and end up in Westville instead of the N2.  Never mind..  I was going nowhere slowly. Blissful blue skies, golden sunshine and off I set. I didn’t expect much from my days off. I didn’t think to plan anything. I forgot half my wardrobe and the hair dryer.  I also left my shoes behind.  I think that was accidentally on purpose!  Barefoot, hardly a care in the world except which  sarong or bikini to wear - and I didn’t even worry about that!  If it had a mango or beer stain on it.. so what??!  Yes, I had no plan to plan anything at all.  And that’s how it rolled……
Whenever I take the South coast highway something in me just soars. I love the rolling valleys of sugarcane plantations. I like the way the wind moves them.. as if they have little feet marching in sychronisation. I gasp as the rurals dice with death by crossing the highway.  I celebrate the colours of all the huts and houses.  From salmon orange, bright turquoises, butter yellows to the white washes.  I love the winding road when you take the Hibberdene turnoff - with the blue sea on your left boarded by the sandy beaches.   En route I pulled into my china’s house (Brenda) at Elyssium for a half way chill out.  She’s a love and her B&B house encompasses homeliness and that beach-ee feel.   Its all craziness with the diverse group of friends she has. So colourful.  But let’s not go there – therein lies a story for another day!
I arrived at my brother Paddy’s beach house late afternoon.   It’s a sprawling  house right on the sand.   Colours play on colours, the mood  of the sea keeps changing with every whisper of the breeze.  The sounds of the ocean.  “Toes in sand”  stuff.  That glorious moment when the sun touches the horizon at 4.30am … the ocean that swells and rolls.     We did nothing much my brother and I.  We hung out.  Swam in the sea for hours. Played in rock pools and drank lots of whiskey to the sounds of some very blue-zzy, jazzy music.  Smoked funny stuff on the sand dunes under moonlit and starry skies.  Bluntly confronted issues that were bothering us.    We feasted on fresh fish.  And we swam, and swam, and swam in the warm Indian Ocean.  Like the tides - friends flowed in and out the house all week. We visited our old haunt.. the fishermens pub, we sipped on gin and tonics, we talked and laughed and ate.   It was such fun!
On Sunday we hit Rock Bottom to connect with any friends not flowing in and out the house.  Anyway on the South Coast.. you’re missing out on a whole era if you don’t visit Rock Bottom!  I love it love it love it!  There was a very groovy young man by the name of Joep Pelt from Holland who entertained us in a laid back style before he was joined by our "Maestro" David Marks and his crew.  David and his lovely wife Fran work tirelessly to keep the music flowing down the coast.  And the music did  flow like sweet wine. We crouched around umbrellas hiding from the beating sun and enjoying the sea breeze and drank way too many tequila's.  Nothing as sweet as good music to knit you with friends.
On the way home I stopped off at Rosie's in Westville for a couple of nights and we chilled and did girlie things. Played cards and drank iced wine.  Gathered the *Usual Suspects* who have been friends for more decades than I care to remember as it shows our age!!  We braai'd and swam and giggled like merry geriatrics.  LOL
The ten days flew by and I felt my spirit heal as my energy levels recharged.  Now planning my next holiday down to the Kleinmond Blues Festival near Cape Town.  Isn’t life wonderful?

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