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Whatever the weather - its's always fun when we're together 

Posted on: 5/24/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 314



It’s a funny thing about getting together with my cousin Irene. Years just drip away and we’re back to our bond that was forged growing up in a family that was really quite conventional and yet… so different.  Music and dancing were the backsets of our rearing.  So when Irene said she was coming down the coast for a business trip - I rearranged my life quickly so as to have this time together with both her and Patrick. We loaded up and hit the highway late in the afternoon – whizzing past the rural African homes whose colours lifted our hearts and spirits. Dotted between wild banana and mango trees stood colours of bright yellow, turquoise, plums and purples in a haphazard fashion.  We arrived at  my brothers beach house.. hugs, kisses and squeezes…  just as the sun was setting and in time for a well deserved sundowner.  Everything just falls into place.
Days spent together - meandering around the coastal resorts, stopping for this and that and eventually stocking up on yummies. Roquefort and brie cheeses, fat shiny olives in black and green, fig preserve, artichokes, buttery avo's on ciabatta bread.. well no meal like that goes down without a glass or three of sav blanc - being that its still summer.  Perfecto!  Enough to bring the three cousins together for a good “skinner”!  We laughed and joked about nothing in particular – just the sheer joy of childhood memories and secrets. We smoked too much (yes! That “stuff”) and drank gallons.. well .. maybe I exaggerate. Mayhap it was just me partaking overly much.   So we passed our days dipping in the sea, reading,  taking long walks along the beach, teasing and behaving in ways that seemed so perfectly normal - as it was.   We had sunny days and rainy days, magnificent storms over the warm Indian Ocean - turning up the music to compliment the heavens thunderous orchestra.  We "skinny" dipped in the rain (at that point Patrick disappeared)!  From Trippy Trio to Terrible Twosome in one foul swoop of the bra strap!  I am not theonly eccentric in the family!
As I write this the rain is pouring down and making dribbles across the window panes and my “other two”, Patrick and Irene,  are having a Holy retreat at the Catholic Church up the road.  Probably praying for my wayward soul!  But never mind it gives me time for this writing with Stevie Nicks  in the background, belting out “Seven Wonders” a glorious feeling of being alive.    Later more crew arrive – my other brother Steve, best friends and family - for some gathering and games and feasting. Tomorrow we’re  all planning on Rock Bottom for live music with David Marks and his muzo’s and to savour Hayley’s  kitchen delights. 
Catch you on the flipside!

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