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Strike one.. not out! 

Posted on: 5/24/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 436

It was the weirdest thing. First I had Jenny Africa visit on a sunny afternoon and we were sitting outside eating grapes and I started to get spots in front of my eyes which I have had before and it leads to migraine. So took a myprodol and chilled.. and when the headache came.. another myprodol. Then she left and Helen arrived (another buddy) and we had a drink and another before it was time to go and eat with the kids. We were all seven of us, perched around the kitchen island on bar stools when I first started to slur. For the life of me I could not control my words without slurring and I thought "oh gosh" they are going to think I am drunk and I'm not. So I said "guys something is wrong - my body is drunk but my head is not". Everyone was laughing because I was slurring. Then we started to eat and I kept missing my mouth. More hysteria!  Then I really started to worry and said I would go and lie down. Well unbeknown to me….  my left leg was not working and I fell. Some of my gallant young men carried me to my bedroom and within 2 minutes of lying down…. I was fine.. 100% kinda.  But my kids insisted I go to the hospital for tests (EEG and blood pressure) which I did and was told to return in the morning for blood tests because all seemed normal. The doc called last night with results and said that everything is functioning normal except cholesterol is high. Good news is my liver is functioning fine and so are my kidneys!  He suggested I see a neurologist as it could have been a stroke or CNS shutdown. Either way..  it was the scariest thing that has happened to me health wise. TOTALLY something you cannot control. It was fun at the hospital though - when the doc was testing my reflexes he tickled me under my feet and I asked him if that was foreplay!!!!!  He said not. Darn party pooper!

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