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Decorations Day 

Posted on: 5/28/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 415

I remember going with my grandparents to the cemeteries in Greenfield, Iowa and the surrounding farming community. Grandma had a storage place in her ceiling that held the artificial decorations to be placed as a tribute to our loved ones who had passed away. I was amazed that I have so many generations going back to at least the great great grandparents in the area. I walked among the graves trying to be respectful. At least one cemetery was off what my dad describes as a cow path. I have very little sense of direction and was amazed it could be found. I think it was off of a farm that had been in the family. My cousin Terri was given the decorations. I talked to her one year when Grandpa was still alive and she had gone to decorate the family graves and took her children. My mom's dad used to take a trip down to where his family was from in Nebraska to decorate the graves there. Now he is also laid to rest. I have gone with my mom through the years to decorate the graves, but we haven't made it yet. I hope my uncle or his children have.

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