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Diamond Jubilee 

Posted on: 6/15/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 113

There is, I think, a certain unholy beauty in the almost absolute adoration of a country for it's Royal Family, and particular in this case, it's Queen. What other country can you think of in the world where people from all walks of life and situation and every age group would stand in the rain and cold for days just to wave. There was hardly a home, I guess, in the nation that did not have a representative standing shoulder to shoulder waving a Union flag and the mass of humanity standing on each other's toes out in the rain gazing in awe at the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Those in the front saw all of it, those further down the Mall saw the neck of the person in front.

   What does this country have? Well, lots of hate masquerading under the smoke screen of politics. Millions poured into electing someone with money who intends to keep it for himself, who will promise to help the poor and the middle class but will find when he checks the country's bank account that the funds to spend on promises have already been spent. Why would somebody want to be President?  It is a thankless job. Who would want to work his utmost to guarantee that this country, next to North Korea and Iran is the most hated country in the world. What a reputation.

    Two houses of parliament set up by the people to govern them fairly who have no interest in the people they were elected to serve but are more concerned with the everyday business of doing down the other and in so doing damage the people and the constitution they once promised to protect.

    Our cities are bubbling with corruption, our elected officials are emptying the coffers and filling their bank accounts with it's money, and when caught are rewarded with a pension.

    The police are spending their days sleeping in their cars in the shade of a tree until it is time to get tickets written to reach the quota demanded by the department, or practise their shooting skills on any unarmed person available, which too many times seems to be a person of colour. Our talk radio spews hate across the airwaves and big money pays big to ensure that the hate continues. Some use comedy to try to reach the people but they only influence the ones who don't hate anyway, but hate is fun and some will read an article just to leave a smug comment full of astericks or a correction seeking a mistake in grammar or spelling!

   I have just read that the United States is engaged in 125 countries  around the world. Not visiting or passing through but engaged. What on earth for?  It is time we disengged and started minding our own business. Let the Chinese poke in their noses, they already have a a footprint in Africa and South America, so a few more countries will not make a lot of difference, they have the money to spend.

  Let's legalise drugs. That will sort out some of the problem in Mexico and Afghanistan and then the idoits who want to take them will be able to blow their minds out on whatever takes their fancy.

Let's make all left turn traffic lights stay green with the rest of the lights, that way I will get home sooner. Let's be neighbourly to our fellow man, we are running out of friends.

   Let us realise that Alaska is submerging under trash, and where it is clear and clean, it is melting. The enemy now isn't China anymore but it is Canada and oil. Living here in Florida my enemy is an earthquake in the South Atlantic that could wipe us all out up to Atlanta.

The message is clear. It is time to head for higher ground.





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