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The Year Marked 2011/2012-The Change 

Posted on: 8/26/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 32

From many perspective the wold that I grew up in has changed dramaticly. The country and its ideals seem faded and worn, people in their perspectives of 2012, propelled distant from each other. Yes it is change, for the better? Or worse? Needless to say Change...

I remember the world a long time ago, the freedoms that we had, the liberty to be what we wished and the support of others that seem to weld this into a society. Its changed. The freedoms one has are different in perspective, rather the freedoms of Maranda, being silent, rather than being able to speak is hard to get any answer from anyone nowadays, much less a conversation, politically correct as it must be rather than free, open and easy going...lips are tied shut to openess, those old liberties are gone now. 
I have lived past my exit-time in Sedona, hoping, wishing, and putting my self forward everyday here for a little resemblance of life, a human decent life, which should be (a reason...definition) easier than it has been, rather feeling (a gut sense) of dread of living here under the confines of the town, sporting itself as an art center yet in reality is just a common, glossed over western town, readied for the tourist high-dollar. 
Arts is the last thing I have really seen in the grand vista of living here, except for small promotionals from Society of Music which has brought in some quality talent, but closed out of general publics reach perhaps for a 'reason'. Culture tops very little here, and with that statement I could say that a person in my business as either an artist, hoping to sell his wares or a musician hoping to get a gig, is awfully unlucky to get stuck here...for there is no opportunity, meaning positively none. 
Sedona is a overwhelmingly feeling like a very concrete reminder of a retirement town, very quiet and reserves its right, it seems to laughter, joy and prosperity except at several occasions when it is noisy boisterous, and the towns neatly self-defined, come gazing at the Martini Bar for some 19 70's 80's hit show, which frankly could be talent from anywhere, and the talent quite undefined...rather events that are bland, and defined as 2012 easy listening, still hurting my ears at times. 
Other events posted...are hopeful hits for those who want to hear the sensations of talent, that are pre-selected, on the publics behalf rather sounding like 'normal' Rock music that goes no where fast-
Criticisms are that they have nothing here that any millions of towns across the land have. Sedona is a bland place with little if any excitement, perfect for the distant supply of wealthy and elderly who like to sleep at 7pm. 

I left here for a bit in 2011 through the first month of 2012, having a chance and proposition a new life in Texas...The area of Spring and Houston--(another great adventure) both challenging towns, one a concrete jungle and the other right next door to a concrete jungle with a nice mall nearby--I had hoped for a reprieve from Sedona in all of this via a concert promise and a sponsor (for the events), that well, turned out differently because of the blasted economy

Today I look back, apologize, and realize and reveal that it was a very expensive venture for me ..Rather to realize the culture had folded over once again during that long...and rather a very chancy trip for a new arrival in Texas, given little support for a short period of time (since I am self-supporting), rather forced to be regardless of the situation, it seems to have turned out that every man-every woman for themselves, out there!

My return to Sedona was literally on a nickle saved after that adventure, making matters a little uncomfortable.

In society few people do care. Its only a few people that seem to keep this entire culture of ours from absolute Mayham through their kindness...and unfortunately few...very few. One has to be strong..very strong to endure a great deal that is passed in front of us, now especially with the economy on the downward swing for yet another time (one can feel it). 
I wonder how long the economic recession will last? Some say another year...some have projected 10-15 years, or longer... Change will be etched in many peoples minds by then! 

After my arrival in Sedona, somethings felt was short lived and seemingly back to the same very boring structure of life in this small town where there is only work--(for friends connections) or by (being the most exploited worker-test subject in a Corporate Capitalist Nation model yet developed, in Sedona, for the rich, by the rich, intended for the future pre-selected Royalty: Kings and Queens in America *If the scheme were better---Something comedic, gut wrenching sadness hits me when I think of how this one plays out! 
No Sedona didnt change, and two weeks after my arrival things were back in the same vortex that I remember when I left--no real help for anyone, a great deal of talk and allot of carnival Shamans who would gladly take ones money (hec friends will too...but then thats another issue--)

I persistant in my challenge, sent out for more positions and hopefully a job nearby to pay the upsettingly high rent required to live in Sedona. I was best to work on my own--the only way one can make better money---but then it seemed a new policy that purchases had to be vetted by large stores and new licencing policies-

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