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southern social worker/court 

Posted on: 10/16/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 19

well I had court today.  momma is a 17 year old pain in the a$$.  I wrote a 40 page court report about all the drama I've had to endure with her and her parents as well.  She has a son, just under a year old.  She has burned her bridges with every relative on her mother's side, and with every friend or family friend she has stayed with, she's been arrested twice over the past few months.  Her dad used to beat up on her mom, till her mom got him out and now she is choosing her dad over her mom.  she goes back and forth between whose fault things are.  the baby is currently with her mother, the maternal grandmother who is limited herself and doesn't know what to do or how to protect this child when things get wild. I'm so tired physically, I'm running a fever.  O well.  She called me last week begging me to have her mother bring the baby to court today so she can visit with the child while they wait on thier case to be heard. I tell her okay, but that the child is at no time to be out of her mother's sight.  I tell grandma the same thing.   Mother comes with her abusive father (mat grandfather to baby) to court, and abusive father's new woman.  (Father is all that, lives in a camper that belongs to his brother, but he's the man) Things are fine till we break for lunch, we leave and come back and mom and grandpa have the baby out in a truck at the end of the parking lot and grandma is inside trying to get the no good security guard to help her get the baby back from them.  The mom and granpa see us and decide it's a good time to get out of the truck and start walking back into the courthouse, and have to be told with force to give the child back to donna, and they want to argue and run thier mouth about it of course and say they haven't done anything wrong.  Of course not, nobody ever does anything wrong, that's why we're in court to begin with, cause nobody ever does anything wrong.  They're instructed to tell it to the judge. lovely. 

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