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The Arts in My Life 

Posted on: 10/26/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 24

What kind of writing, music, theater, and movies do you generally enjoy?

I like anything that is different than the norm. Independent works. Never mainstream. I hate Hollywood endings. I went through a foreign film phase but now find it difficult to read subtitles anywhere except on the big screen. I like fiction books that allow me to learn about new cultures and countries. My guilty pleasure is chick lit. I mix it up..sometimes you juts need an easy read.

Some authors I enjoy:

Serious Works

Chick Lit

John Irving Jane Green

Lisa See Emily Giffin

Wally Lamb Jennifer Weiner

Haruki Murakam i Sophia Kinsella

Dave Nichols

Paul Auster

My taste in music is very diverse. I am into a lot of different genres. One thing that I am not proud of--I have not kept up with the times. Most of my collection of taste is old school-- be it R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Classic Rock, Disco, Funk, Soul, Blues, World, Dub. I especially like 70's Oldies. The only new tastes I have developed in recent years include Downtempo, Chill Lounge, Ambient type music. I don't spend a lot of time listening to music. Only when the mood hits me. It pained me to convert all my CD's to iTunes...especially since my iTunes are all messed up now. I now mostly enjoy Spotify and Pandora. I love the suggestion element of these apps. It allows me to find new music.

Artists I Like (Small Selection)

Cassandra Wilson

Nina Simone

Bebel Gilberto

Cesaria Evora

Bob Marley

Gregory Isaacs

Alpha Blondie

Bares Hammond





Alicia Keyes

Mary J Blidge


Lauren Hill

Jay Z


Notorious BIG


Earth Wind & Fire

Bee Gees

Teddy Pendergrass

Marvin Gaye

Barry White


Buddha Lounge

Luther Vandross

Freddy Jackson



Led Zepplin


Pink Floyd

The Who

Billy Joel

Elton John

Living in NYC, I am at the heart of the theater center (with exception to London) and take advantage of this perk. When time/money allows, I see quite a few plays. I do not like musicals so On Broadway only the Plays apply. However, I most enjoy the Off Broadway performances, with theater companies like Manhattan Theater Group, Roundabout Theater, and Rattlestick. I would love to explore more of the Off Off shows but they can be so hit or miss! Play by Play and TKTS are the best ways to see theater at a deep discount (if not free).

Plays I Really Enjoyed (recent)

Venus and Fur


Good People

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Streetcar Named Desire

The Glass Menagerie

I enjoy films that are out of the ordinary Hollywood mold. The big studios have started making junk (as the American people like) and with prices at $13+ I seldom see films in the theater. Oscar time always brings 2-4 winners that I enjoy. Thank god for Netflix and Moviebox...we can now enjoy movies cheap. I love the indie films as well as a god documentary, drama, comedy or love story. A good mystery or thriller at times.


Francis Ford Coppala

Tyler Perry

Steven Speilberg

Roman Polanksi

Martin Scorsese

Oliver Stone

Clint Eastwood

Quintin Tarrantino

Woody Allen

Movies I Love


Midnight Express

Pulp Fiction

Taxi Driver


Midnight in Paris

Forrest Gump


American Beauty


Al Pacino

Robert DeNiro

Helen Miren

Kevin Spacey

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Meryl Streep

Dustin Hoffman

Jack NIcholson

Sean Penn

Judi Dench

In summary, what would life be without culture? The arts? A boring, lonely place. The arts make you laugh and cry. Thay make you question your life's choices. They make you think.

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