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A Six Grader's Feeling about a Project 

Posted on: 3/7/2013   Comments: 0   Views: 44

(Before you read on, this is made by a six grader and his point of view, so there will be grammatical mistakes and maybe immature ideas about things)

    There was day when my Science teacher took some people to go to the Shark Guardians Speech on February 27th, 2013. On the way home my friends and I talked about the famous "Harlem Shake" and I asked why is it so famous. Ms.Cindy told me that it is funny to watch and it requires a lot of teamwork to do it. 
     The next day in Science class, The teacher said that she thought of an idea and she will make 4 classes to do a "meaningful Harlem Shake". The class with the best and most meaningful one will get +5 points in their mid-term exam. We had several ideas about what to do but the most stupid topic (in my opinion,) got the most votes, and it is about Shark Conservation. I was very upset because this topic isn't really what I wanted to do as it is not the kind of topic people will basically go "wow" about. At that time we still have a lot of topics not chosen by other classes but we chose this idiotic topic. 
     At afterschool, some of the students decided to stay in the lab to think of ideas. I was there, but very useless. Every time I made what I think is a very good idea it is always turned down. I tried to draw some sharks but failed. I was discouraged, like I always will be. However, a female student in the mini-group liked my idea, which is about being in a Shark Fin Restaurant and having people protest in "the wild part". She wants me to be the chef, and furthermore she wants me to do the "Starting dance". How awesome is that?
     I have to admit I am very good at the starting dance and many people have been impressed. However, we still couldn't do much and had no progress. I decided to talk to some "smart and creative people" that if this keeps going on this will be not work. They agreed, and then my class made another stupid choice. They are planning to film and do everything TODAY, in one single day, when we still have weeks to do it. My close friend, the "director" said that if we keep postponing it we will never be able to do it. So we tried to do everything we needed to.
     In Lunch Time, the time we were supposed to record it, we gathered everything. I burrowed the apron from my art teacher and tried to look more like a chef. But then, something unexpected happened to me. The original plan was canceled. All of my efforts were wasted. But does my close friend care? NO, as he did not go to the lab afterschool, tried their best. Worst of all, I am not doing the "starting dance" that I was excited to perform. It was what I thought can show some people that I am not the short idiotic boy who looked like a kindergarten student, but a guy who is willing to do anything and is talented. So who did the starting dance? A student which I hate a lot.
     That guy that I hate always gets all the attraction. He is just a big show-off who likes to boast a lot, and always like to pull me around because he is big and I am small. I can only stare at him when my close friend told me to move to the side as the guy I hate is doing the starting dance. I had to keep my emotions in, because it will be embarrassing if I did cry.
     In the end, the results of the Harlem Shake was horrible. The guy that I hate a lot did not do the starting dance as perfect as it is. There were people playing football in the back. The bowl that was suppose to pretend to contain shark fin soup was just crumpled paper mache, when they could have used a real bowl. Harlem shake is suppose to be at one location, but we moved the location at the "Wild part", and the camera was moving around, even though it is suppose to be one single place. Since it is recorded on iPhone, the posters about sharks were not able to be seen. Everyone was running around like crazy and it was chaos.
     After that, the students from other classes were laughing at us, saying that they have better props, like a sleeping bag, and that theirs are better. Even the Science Teacher said that it was a failure, and no one can tell that it is about shark conservation. I lost all my hopes on our class, which I am taught not to, but I will. and I am. I have tried everything I could to help. No one cared. I will not care about it then.

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