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Poem "While My Heart Gently Weeps" 

Posted on: 5/2/2013   Comments: 0   Views: 54

have you ever needed someone so much that it hurts when no one is around. And when you reach out to find that person all that's there is the air. And in your heart you weep silently to those around but no one can hear your call. Then the feeling subsides and returns worse then it was. Each day goes by, the look on your face spells pain but none seem to care. The feeling of being lost and alone is all the company you keep. And the blackest of nights give way to a lullaby, the sound of your heart, as it gently weeps. And as the dawn is arise the pain returns, and strickens you with grief. And once again you are left alone, to listen, as your heart gently weeps... 

that's the way i feel, everyday. I want someone who can comfort me through this time in my life. someone who can ease my pain. I search this world for satisfaction, but none is found. I have a good heart! And a strong mind. I know pain like it was my brother. Though it knows me as its servant. Day in and day out. I am not searching to find the one. I am searching to find one, that may be the one. I know we all deal with pain on a day to day basis. But what is life without pain? Is it bliss. They say ignorance is bliss, but there is nothing blissful about not caring. so many are searching, and many are alone. It doesn't have to be... If we would just learn to take a chance and put it on the line for love. we can find that bliss is bountiful and joy everlasting. So I am asking all who read... my heart, gently weeps.

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