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Introduce Your Little Princess and Say Hello Kitty 

Posted on: 8/18/2013   Comments: 0   Views: 0

Warmingyour heart, Hello Kitty is a delightfulcharacter who can be one of your daughter‘s first best friends. Safety, quality, and style are all hallmarks of the products thatthis cute kitten graces for your satisfaction as well.

The love and warmth which has gone around theworld with the pinkest baby cat of all can also surround you and yourlittle princess. This global girl of feline extraction not only hasa story behind the twinkle of her whiskers, but has managed to makeher appeal extend to such a great suite of products that all yourneeds can be catered for.

Originatingin Japan in 1974, Hello Kitty has migrated all over the globe and nowadorns everything fashionable from Babygifts to jewellery to mobile phones. Even Hollywood stars are notimmune to her charm. Even in such a fast-paced world, it isreassuring as a mum to know that such a style icon still stands forsome traditional values. She has a twin sister called Mimmy, andtogether they share adventures with all of their friends. She saysyou can never have too many friends. Apart from friendship, shevalues generosity, innocence, and kindness. Thesecertainly come into play when she enjoys all of her pastimes, whichinclude travelling, music, reading, and eating delicious biscuitsbaked by Mimmy. With such an unbeatable blend of homespun heart andfashionable flair, this is one character that can be adored by bothyou and your little one.

Oneof the best developments therefore in the life cycle of this iconicbrand was when some of the top brands that you will find in Babyshop online decided to adorn their ranges. The combination wasfabulous, style, comfort and safety rolled into one.

Mums‘best brand Brevi were one of the pioneers of bringing this fashionstatement to infant products with their collection of nursery andtravel products. From theirsoftly-structured Hello Kitty koala carrier in pink or their divakoala carrier in white and gold to their Hello Kitty Trio Avenuetravel system and their Hello Kitty Acqua Light Bath andDresser in Pink they have everything covered. AHello Kitty pushchair like the Grillo 2 Stroller with Apron andRaincover will provide the perfect entrance for you and your littledarling to make in style. Their Hellokitty Smart car seat provides the perfect exit.

Evenbefore you leave the house however, there is a delightful portfolioof bedroom furniture and furnishings that you can use to create acocoon of comfort and love. In complete co-ordination with otherproducts for around the nursery and out and about, you can find anenchanting range including the Hello Kitty baby walker, sleep bag,nursing pillow, cuddle robe and wash mitt, comforter toy, Mosesbasket and bedding. For the cot, there is also the Hellokitty musical mobile. In candy pink and white stripes, this cotmobile dangles hearts, a butterfly, and of course our favouritekitten over baby’s cot, from its canopy. With the melody playing,there could not be a sweeter way to soothe your little one to sweetdreams.

Withsuch an inclusive range from your Online baby products shop, you willbe able to pick and choose everything from the essential Hello kittysmart car seat to accessories such as the Hello Kitty Changing Bag inPink and Silver or Navy and red.

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