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"Weekend on Lake Champlain" 


Date Range: 07/13/2007 To 07/13/2007   Comments: 0   Views: 11,385
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So this weekend me and my friends went camping outside Lake Champlain where one of my friends Roger's parents has a house. We took a boat and water skiied down the St Lawrence River and back around the lake. We met these two dudes who were canoeing down the headwaters to NYC. Crazy!

We also tried dragon boating; that was killer. Lenny drank too much so we didn't let him drive the boat - didn't feel like ending up fish food. Wouldn't drowning or being sucked into a rudder be the suckiest way to die?

Roger's neighbor is this crazy old dude named Morrison who is seriously foaming at the mouth mad. He comes shuffling out of his house, which is half falling apart, and asks us about the fishing. Fishing? We don't fish man. We told him but he kept asking us about fishing. Roger was really cool to him but it was obvious that the old coot really has lost it. Roger says the guy is probably one of those batty millionaires who live like homeless people until they die and leave millions to some weird charity.

Renee, Angelie and Rebecca came up on Saturday to hang out. They didn't want to go in the boat though. They just wanted to lay out on the beach. That's so boring. I can't stand laying in the sun unless I'm tired and falling asleep. So we played volleyball and later had a bonfire on the lake at night.

When I'm an old, grumpy, tired old man, I want to remember those nights. When being young is fun and no job really ties me down yet and there is a lot of possibility. I don't want to be some beat down old tired person who has lots of regrets and wishes that he did or didn't do this or that.

So I told Renee that we should hook up some time and she said that was cool. She's cool, so that's cool, cool right? My mom's an English teacher so she'll roll her eyes when she reads this as my ASTUTE and ELECTRIFYING vocabulary use. Cool.

My older brother Rex came by on Sunday for a board ride. He keeps telling me this is "my time man" and I should live it up. Date 100 or 1000 girls. Hurt people. Live hard. Party hard. Rock hard. I dunno. It's cool and all but I really just want to do as many things as I can.

I'm making plans to go to skiing in Switzerland next winter with a mate from school. His family goes all the time and they'll let me come. That will rock hard core. I'm already planning on buying new skis or a new board. Not sure yet which.

Waterskiing is alright but snow skiing is way more the bomb. I don't have the pics yet uploaded from Roger's phone so will post those later. One is up of Rex on the beach. What an idiot. Who wears jeans to ride a bike. Fool. He's alright, he's cool and all.

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