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"The cheapest bottle of wine" 


Date Range: 01/01/1967 To 07/04/2007   Comments: 8   Views: 134,850
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Tonight we're presenting our friends Lise & Douglas with a bottle of champagne. This isn't just any champagne mind you. It's the BEST champagne in the world.

And it only cost $2.99!

Seriously! A while ago, maybe six years now, we were on our way to a birthday party and called the hostess and asked if she wanted us to pick up anything on the way. She was happy we called and asked if we could pick up a bottle of cheap champagne just to do a quick toast.

We drove around for a bit looking for some place to buy a bottle. We stopped in this store that was a discount something or other and grabbed a bottle. Three bucks. Not bad! It was more as a joke than anything.

We got to the party and stuck it in the freezer. A couple of hours later it was ready for the toast. We pulled out cheesy plastic cups and toasted the man of the hour with silly stories about how old he was (a whopping 33) and wished him the best, and sipped the wine.

Oh! My! Gawd!

This stuff was the BEST STUFF EVER! We all looked at ourselves and talked about how yummy it was.

Since that wasn't our normal neighborhood, the next time I was in the area I stopped back at that store and bought out the rest of their stock, about a case and a half. And best part was that it didn't cost much!

So we had about 30 bottles which we stored away. We'd bring them to parties, pop them open for any occasion.

I had to go into the city for some event so decided I might as well make another champagne run. Everyone really loved this champagne. I went back to the store and they didn't have any more. I went up to the people working there and inquired about it.

The woman told me that they just get extra runs - overstocks, left overs, that sort of thing. It was always a changing stock, and total hit or miss. She told me to stop back in again but usually they got a run and that was all they got.

I thought to myself that if they had some there were probably others. Looking around I found some at a different wine store, but it wasn't the same year. I bought some and brought them home. We took a bottle to another party and opened it - and it wasn't all that good. It was just some fluke run of this series that made the best champagne ever.

So now we have about 10 bottles left and we only dole them out on VERY special occasions. We've given them to friends for:
- landing a dream job after a long, long and rough road
- launching of Story of My Life
- birth of a baby after a very difficult pregnancy
- graduation for a friend (at let's just say no longer in her late teens/early 20s!)
and a couple of other happy moments.

Tonight is one of those nights as our friend Lise & Douglas recently got married (yay kids! in Scotland, where Douglas is from) about a month ago. They've been non-stop partying every since (just kidding, but I do think they've been enjoying being Mr. and Mrs.). The second time around for both of them, and we want them to have a great, happy, long and fun life together.

So we'll present the wine, carefully wrapped and lovingly and longingly departed with. Tell them the story about the cheapest bottle of champagne in the world that is so good it's priceless. And drink to a long happy marriage.

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Lise LaTorre said:
posted on Aug 05, 2007
We are honored!

Thank you for sharing such a special bottle with us! I hope you will be there when we crack it open some fine day!

Member Since
Sep 2007
Elizabeth Butler said:
posted on Sep 13, 2007
The Name, please

But you didn't tell us the name of the champagne or where you buy it.  I'm always on the look out for good cheap champagne.  Please, do tell!

Member Since
Aug 2007
Kristen Kuhns said:
posted on Sep 14, 2007
I can't tell you

Because I'm on a mission/ hunt for it and want to buy all of them in the world ;) :) It's Motif, by Motif Champagne Cellars in Madera, CA. These bottles don't have the year on them (the batch we bought). But we've bought others in the stores and they were not as good.....

Member Since
May 2008
Tim C said:
posted on May 31, 2008
Only in the USA

That sounds like a good Champagne to me, but I bet you can't get any of it here In Canada; especially in Ontario where we have some Control Board that legislates the alcoholic beverages including some wines. Mostly it was the Ontario Wine and Beer council but there is also a Liquor control board here.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Kristen Kuhns said:
posted on Jun 08, 2008
i think it was a fluke

Honestly - I think it was like one batch of theirs that was good. We've bought the same brand, but it's not good, very sweet. I think someone screwed up and they'll never be able to re-create the perfection!! :)

Member Since
May 2009
Klarity Belle said:
posted on May 13, 2009
Great Story

Love champers and love your story too

Member Since
Aug 2007
Kristen Kuhns said:
posted on May 17, 2009
thanks Klarity!

The story is kind of silly - not even sure why so many reads honestly - but we're now down to 8 bottles... lol :)

Member Since
Jul 2008
Judy Zimmerman said:
posted on Oct 16, 2009
It reminds me of

Elaine in Seinfeld who had to decide if a guy was "sponge-worthy"

Funny little story. Nicely told!