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"Christmas are you Freaking Kidding me?" 


Date Range: 07/13/1995 To 08/05/2007   Comments: 2   Views: 5,740
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Happy 2008 fools. It's 7:04pm in Montreal and I'm getting ready to go party - hitting up 4 parties in 4 hours. Not so much snow yet this year so getting around will be easy. Half you all are already gruding on your hangovers so drink your tomato juice.

I wrote before about the worst Christmas ever, but I think this one beat all the mother of bad christmass. I'm still pissed about it a week later.

So my dad isn't exactly mr demonstrative right? He prefers to go hang with elk and coyotes and polar bears than his family. He hasn't been around much since I was little. Every holidays BAM he's out the door with his grill and tent hooked to his snowshoes.

He, for whatever god knows reason, decides he's going to stay with us for the Christmas eve day. My mom is not too thrilled with this idea as she's been dating a nice guy for a while now. Dad sticks his face into the mess and says he has a right to be there for his kids. We can't go to his house - so sparse I doubt he even turns on the heat. WooHoo sitting in front of a 13" black and white TV built in 1976 with some chips and beef jerkey.

Look, I'd have no problems hanging with the man if he'd actually open his mouth and speak once in a while. But the extent of the conversation would be like:

Dad: "So, how's life?"
Me: "Great."
Dad: "Great."

And TV for the next 3 hours.

This year he's getting all jealous I guess and decides he's going to snoop around his territory so he says he'll be there for Christmas Eve. Mom tells her dude not to come that night; we'll see him the next day.

Dad comes over, sits away from everyone, doesn't talk to anyone, then starts in on my mom about bringing home "men" to the house around his sons and a bunch of other bull. My mom's had like maybe 5 dates in the past 8 years. We told him to back off and he sulked and made snide comments all night and it sucked. We were all relieved when he left.

Man I love my father but he makes it so freaking hard to like the guy.

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Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Jan 03, 2008
I'm sorry

you had a bad holiday.... your dad probably loves you in his own way and can't express it.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Megan Caufield said:
posted on Jan 05, 2008
Dad doesn't sound like much of a people person

some people are like that, they just have no social interaction skills. :(