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Date Range: 06/06/1978 To 12/31/1978   Comments: 3   Views: 7,086
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During the summer months while we were outside playing, we'd sometimes see our Grandmother walking down the block. She had to pass our block to get to the shopping areas on 125th ST. Whenever she saw us she would put a pep in her step to get away from us. Our hair was always nappy and undone, our clothes were old and probably dirty and she was too embarrassed to let anyone know that we were her grandchildren. I always wondered as a child why she'd shoo us away when we would run up to her calling her "Ma". She had this thing about looking presentable in public and living like the Kennedy's. We were supposed to be the "Mighty Fraziers" of Manhattan. LOL! I understand being respectful and decent but we were just kids. We always viewed our Grandmother as a Queen of some sort. She just always seemed so regal walking down the block. Her clothes were always impeccable and her hair always done. She wore the most stylish shoes and we'd hear people talking about her as she passed. I believe people thought she was real rich or something.  She also wore the meanest look on her face. My Grandmother didn't like poor people. She felt they wanted to be that way and didn't want to change their circumstances, especially the ones on 125th Street. OOOH she would turn her nose up at those people. But my sister and I was glad she was our Grandmother.  I felt I was apart of royalty when I saw her. If only we could get her to like us as well.

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Bellam Dalton said:
posted on May 19, 2008
Your mom

sounds like a character all right> I'm glad that you can see her with humour in your eyes :)

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on May 20, 2008
she didn't deserve your love

maybe she was a great lady but she didn't treat you well.... i'm happy though that you can write about her because your writing is really great to read

Member Since
Aug 2008
Sherryl Carrilho said:
posted on Aug 24, 2008

I agree with Brians sentiments. Sometimes our grandparents weren't aware.. they hadn't grown spiritually and were victims of their own upbringing. I love that you have obvious affection for her difference.. even at your own expense?