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I am adding this additional chapter to my introduction, because after I initially wrote the introduction, it was very difficult to come back to it and try to make sense of all that I have experienced through the various stages of my life and the trials that I have endured or overcome.  I wish ...


The Birth of Charles Leonard Wiggins

The story has already been written for awhile on my blog "From the heart of Praise, Prayer and Perseverance. 0; Here is a link to that posting, Below are the pictures of the blessed event.   http://fromthehea rt-dotwigg.blogsp ot.com/2008/03/an other-2-prayer-re quest-answered.ht ml


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Date Range: 08/01/1978 To 10/01/1978   Comments: 4   Views: 11,514
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Well, were alone again. My sister and I. We stayed in that trailor probably a little over a month. Our mother  ran away thinking I probably told someone what went down and they'd call the cops on her ass. I wanted to but I knew they'd separate me and my sister. So...I just kept quiet about it but kept every detail about the "ordeal" fresh in my mind, just in case. I even snuck down to "the neighbors" house to see if they were still there. They left too. Our mother was finally gone and believe it or not , I was glaaaaaad as hell. LOL! My sister wasn't. She always cried for our mother. I kept playing all sorts of games with her to keep her busy, that always seemed to work. Thank god she didn't really have a sense of time. I did. I always counted minutes and shit. Well, our days alone didn't last for long. There was a neighbor (a real one) that lived across the street from us who allowed my mother to use her phone from time to time. My Grandmother would call that neighbor and ask her to come get my mother for the phone. I'd make up excuses about where my Mother was and promised to give her the message. Soon those lies wouldn't work anymore, I thought. I hated lying to my Grandmother, but I felt it was necessary. One day that neighbor came telling me that my Grandma was on the phone and wanted to speak to me, my heart dropped. Oh....shit....she knows. I immediately knew the jig was up. I walked across the street acting all normal knowing damn well all hell was about to break lose. I picked up the phone trying to keep my tears back, all the while thinking "this shit ain't my fault". I said "hello"...my Grandmother said "where's your Mother"? I said I didn't know. She asked "What the hell you mean you don't know? How long has she been gone"? I said "since last month". My neighbor began crying like someone in her family died. That was it, my tears started to flow, I couldn't hold them back. My Grandmother was piiiiiissed! She couldn't believe it! She asked me who was watching us and I said "no one", she asked me where my step-dad was and I said "gone too", she started cursing ......up....a.....storm! She just couldn't believe it! She had so many questions for me I couldn't keep up with the answers! I told her what we were eating (brownies and moonpies from the piggly wiggly truck driver), we drank water, wahed up in cold water, greased our hair and skin with vaseline, stayed quiet at night so no one would know we were alone, lit candles at night, played during the day, shit in the woods, brushed our teeth with just water, I combed our hair, I cleaned the house, I cleaned our clothes, checked the mail, read old newspapers to my sister, etc, etc, etc. My neighbor damn near had a nervous breakdown listening to all that info. My grandmother asked to speak back to the neighbor and they spoke for about 5 mins. I heard her giving out her address. We stayed at her house for 2 whole wonderful days. She fed us , covered us in kisses and hugs and cried. Why in the hell was she always crying I thought? Looking back , she didn't have any kids so she probably couldn't believe someone would treat there own kids like that. Did I mention she was white? Mmmm,Hmm. I wish she could have been my Mother, not because of the color of her skin but because of how she took care of us in those two short days. I will NEVER forget her. My grandmother sent her money for 2 tickets for the bus ride back to NYC. She fixed us spam sandwiches and kool-aid in a thermos. I remember that thermos. Yall remember the ones where the top was also a cup? I wonder if they still make those. We made it to NYC safely. Of course my sister peed all over herself. My bladder was full and warped. I held my pee soo long that I had to be taken to the hospital and have a catheter put in to relieve the urine. I'll never hold my damn pee again! LOL! But yall won't believe this one! Yall ready? Guess who was standing at the bus depot when the bus got there? Mmm, Hmmm. My mutha f'king Mother! She had the nerve to run up on the bus and act like she was with us! I kid you not! She told the bus driver she was "helping" her kids off the bus! She was talking so damn fast I thought she was a robot! All I heard was "you better say I was f'ing with yall"! I couldn't believe it. I was madder than a nappy headed child getting their hair combed with a fork! All I could think was "no this bitch didn't, no she didn't"! Why me God? Come on, I always heard people say God had his reasons for allowing certain things to happen but damn!  We got up to get off the bus my Mother shot one of those murder 1 looks at me. I shot one right back at her ass. She got mad but couldn't do shit about it because too many people were around. Ha , ha! When we stepped off the bus I looked around for my Grandmother, she was nowhere to be found. Aw shit! Then I heard someone yelling my Mothers name, it was my Grandmother, she was at the wrong damn gate. She was shocked to see my Mother. She asked her where she had come from and she lied and said Georgia. She looked dead in my face with her eyelids damn near peeled back and said right Yvonne? I said "yeah", a dry as I could. She made up some story about working late and that me and my sister never saw her because we were with a babysitter that left us alone alot. Yo, she liiiiied like I don't know what! I couldn't believe it! I should make a rap song called " I couldn't believe it". LOL! I begged God to not let my Grandmother fall for those lies, but she did. I think she just wanted to believe her precious daughter was a good Mother . NOT! My Grandmother told my Mother that someone told her that they saw my Mother at a bar up in Harlem. My Mother said "how can they have seen me when I was all the way in Georgia"? I was about to answer that question but thought better of it. My lil sister ws so damn happy to see our Mother. I was happy for her, I really was. I wondered what the hell was in stored for me know.

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Megan Caufield said:
posted on Jun 24, 2008
She sounds like

the Queen of Manipulation. You should make a crown (a really ugly one) and put it on a doll and remember her (you're not like her, you saw through her thank goodness) but that'd be a good reminder eh? QUEEN Of Manipulation. Ouch - not a title I'd wish to bestow on someone who was a mother. Thank goodness also your sister had you.

Member Since
Sep 2007
Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Jun 25, 2008
your heart

must have just sunk in your chest when you saw her. I'm sorry - no child should ever be made to feel like that against her own mother.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Gina Pertonelli said:
posted on Jun 26, 2008

Your mom has my mom beat for Mommy Dearest Award (and that's not a good thing!) We should do lunch and compare notes ;)

Member Since
Sep 2007
Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Jun 29, 2008
is it bad

that I'm rooting for something kind of terrible to happen to your mom????? yikes