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"Sasaffras - or: If You Jump, I'll Jump" 


Date Range: 07/13/1995 To 08/05/2007   Comments: 6   Views: 7,925
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My friend Sas (short for Christine, don't ask) accosted me before first class our senior year of college to ask me why I never asked her out. I was pretty stunned (who the hell asks a question like that to someone before first class 8:30am anyway?) and mumbled something like "I guess I don't think of you in that way."

Truth was, I had thought of Sas that way on more than one occassion. She was a hottie. Petite, short brown hair in a bob, perpetual smile on her face, always energetic but not annoyingly so. Could drink with the boys and then run off to cheerleading practice or piano lessons or student government or one of the other 1,329 activities she was involved in.

Truth was, she exhausted me. I sort of slept-walked through parts of university. I really wasn't thinking about grandoise dreams or my career or even paying back my folks for college. I was worried about my final exams, whether I'd have enough credits to graudate and where the next kegger was.

Sas had dreams. I didn't fit in with people storming Washington DC to take over the presidency of the United States (she was from Georgia, going to school in Canada). I was living more day to day, even hour to hour a lot of the time. She was saving the world. I was saving my waking hours to be efficient to get in as much video game playing, beer drinking, girl-chasing and as little school learning as I could scoot by on.

I've never understood these people who have their whole damned lives mapped out at age 15. Their plans must fall in sequence or the get way outta whack.

So anyway I met up with Sasafrass a couple of weekends ago. She told me that she's getting married. Some safe guy - a finanical analyst (whatever that really is/ I later called him a boring accountant and she got mad).

I was at a party. Certainly not expecting to see her there. This was at some rich guy's house - huge house. I went off to find a bathroom and heard someone sighing in a bedroom so I looked in (hey you never know, might be a girl needing a shoulder to cry on!) There was a girl, standing there, looking out the window. She looked familiar. When she turned to look at me I recognized her - even though her hair had grown and she wasn't smiling.

"Brian." Said matter of factly. She turned back to the window.

"Sasafrass." I hesitated, unsure if I should go in. Hell this wasn't even my kind of party, my kinda people.

She didn't turn her head, but kept talking at the window, looking at something in the dark. I couldn't hear her so I moved in closer.

"If you jump, I'll jump."

I looked out. We were on the second floor. It was dark outside but looked like grass (I hoped anyway) down there.

"I'm getting married in a month."

Ok. "Uh, congratulations?"

She smiled. "Yeah, let's jump."

She opened the window and climbed up in her party outfit and stuck her hand out. I climbed out afer her.

She held my hand and said "One Two THREE!" and we both jumped into the darnkess, falling on the cool gass and laughing, rolling around.

I wanted to kiss her, but could see the porch light glinting off the huge rock on her finger.

She stood up, brushing the grass from her clothes. Holding her hand out to help me up she said, "You're so stupid. You should have asked me out."

I watched her climb the massive stone stairs into the mansion, her new life.

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Jul 08, 2008
the one that got away...

we've all got one of those

Member Since
Apr 2008
Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Jul 10, 2008
should have kissed her dude

missed your chance!

Member Since
May 2008
Charisma R said:
posted on Jul 19, 2008
I wouldn't have waited

I would have kissed you first...does that make me a bad girl ;)

Member Since
May 2008
Charisma R said:
posted on Jul 19, 2008
oh wait -

I'm already yo ho. I forget my place. lol

Member Since
Dec 2007
Sarah S said:
posted on Jul 30, 2008
Everything Happens For a Reason!

It may not always be clear at the time, but it will be someday.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Aug 01, 2008

It wasn't meant to be, but what have been fun ;)