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Date Range: 01/01/1972 To 12/31/2008   Comments: 7   Views: 14,933
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I will be reading the stories of the members here and really amazed to know how many things will happen in everyone's life. 

I am from Bangalore, India and definetely have lot of cultural difference and also  the difference in the way of life.
But I want to share few of the things/ scenes from a Middle Class Indian family...  Hope you people will find it interesting to read and know.

First  thing in this effort is  I want to introduce My  Grand Mother to you all.....  She Died at her 92 years of age in the eyar 2003.....  and I am very lucky and blessed to have the love and affection of my  Grand Mother.  Even my Son had his share of his  love from her for about 5 years..... 

She came in to my life after my marriage, as she was my Fathers-in-law's Maternal Aunt ( Maternal Aunt means My FIL's father's sister). So my relationship started with her because of my marriage.

She has not gone to any school nor have any proper education but he used to read and write Kannada our local language and she used to tell entire BHAGAVADGITA a sacred book for Hindu's.  that was really amazing...   she got married to her Uncle ( In the sense her mothers brother) at her 10 yers of age before she know what a marriage is...... her uncle was then about 30 years....  In fact in thoe days that was the practice in India.  Just imagine a tender girl of 10 years marrying a man of 30 and went to her inlaws house. ( If you have fallowed her in laws house is nothing but her granny's house)  Very interesting isn't it?  In fact in those days CHILD MARRIAGE was prevailing in India which was a biggest social problem and may gilrs had become victim of that social evil.   My grand mother is one of them...... So she learned all the house hold work at her in law's place.  Even though she got married at 10 year her actual married life begin at 15 or 16  once she attained her puberty........That was the practice then....  I am taling about 80 to 85 years back...... 
Her husband has some health problem... and he died at his 40 year!!!!!!!!!  just imagine she would have lived with him only for 4 to 5 years and that too serving his illness......  Even for today my blood will  boil when I know about how the society was treating women in those days.......  they were discriminated like hell......  so many times I asked her about her married life but she didn't say any thing...... then her life continued.......  that is much more interesting and worth knowing.......  I will let you know on that next...  .....

So, let me know are you interested to know further?

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Member Since
May 2008
Charisma R said:
posted on Jul 15, 2008

I am definitely interested in your story, your culture, your family. Please continue!

Member Since
Sep 2007
Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Jul 15, 2008

I love reading these first hand experiences too....

Member Since
Dec 2007
Zoraida Cortes said:
posted on Jan 24, 2009
Of Course

I would love to know more about your culture.  It's always good and educational to know different cultures.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Victoria Backer said:
posted on Feb 22, 2009
For sure

Please write more!

Member Since
Aug 2007
Susan Trachtentberg said:
posted on Jun 09, 2009


Member Since
Jul 2008
Judy Zimmerman said:
posted on Dec 16, 2009
Your Poor Grandmother

Eeeek! I can't think of anything more awful then being sent away from your family that young especially to be with a grown man. I hope things are much better for women in your country now. Keep writing! This is how we learn about the world.

Member Since
Jun 2010
Jennifer Beveridge said:
posted on Jun 21, 2010
Tell us more please

I would love to hear more...I am intrigued