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"My Worst Date" 


Date Range: 01/01/2007 To 12/31/2007   Comments: 4   Views: 13,443
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haha - picking up on this thread (thanks Nansy!) I would love to share my WORST date (before I met the man o' my dreams Tomas)...

It happened a few years ago, with a rather nice looking fellow I met at a book store in Venice Beach area. He walks up to me while I was browsing and feeds me a line. Normally I ignore those, but for some reason I was feeling kind of lonely and there was something appealing about him having the cajones to just walk up to me and start talking, so against my better judgment, I gave him my phone number.

Big mistake.

First, he called me four weeks later. By this time I didn't even know who he was. I didn't expect him to call that night, but after a few days I figured he either lost my number or wasn't going to call at all.  I'm so not a drama person, so I was already not that interested. And it took me a moment to even place him. Again, against my own sensibility, I chatted with him for quite a while.

He told me he was working as a bartender but really wanted to be an actor. Or a model. Hmm. That didn't sound appealing.  But I wasn't looking for a boyfriend anyway.

I ask him about the struggles of character method acting for being an extra. Maybe actors impress some people but to me unless you're steadily working (or at least have been around a while) there are too many poseurs so I just wasn't feeling his vibe really.

Anyway. (You guessed it) against my better judgment I agree to go on a date with him.

We go out to dinner at this nice Chinese restaurant. Immediately in the place, he's acting as though he's important, being rude to staff. "Is that water from the tap?" "I will sue if there is MSG in the food." Direct quotes. The worst part was the way he said them. With this great confidence, like these lowly people deserved to be treated like the inferior beings that they were in the presence of his greatness. I'm surprised he didn't ask the bus boys to bow in before him. It wasn't only embarrassing, but having worked as a waitress myself and been treated like crap by the public, it was infuriating.

I had hoped to at least have a semi-interesting evening and conversation. But.... he was so dull I contemplated various ways the dull butter knife might "accidentally" cut me so I could call 911. He didn't read and seemed to answer with actual contempt when I asked him if he did. As if reading isn't something a person of his caliber would do. He didn't talk about movies but to complain. off how poorly an actor's performance was compared to the genius that was his undiscovered talent. How it was because we were all too idiotic to realize the treasure before us and not because he made a crap film? That's how he talked. Like everyone in Hollywood was too dumb to recognize his greatness.

I survived dinner without making dull slices into my wrists. The night is early and I don't *really* want to go home alone yet so when he suggests a movie... against my better judgment... I agree. Didn't I just get done ranting about his ideas and the movies? Yeah,  great idea. Well at least I won't have to listen to him talk. I offer to buy the tickets, since he paid for dinner. He was offended, as if I was insinuating that he was broke. I only thought, he being an OUT OF WORK ACTOR/MODEL and all, he just might appreciate if I offered to pick up some of the tab for the evening. "I'll get the tickets!" He sneers, pride wounded.

We step up to the cashier, he orders the tickets in a normal voice and then says really loud "DO YOU GIVE DISCOUNTS FOR PEOPLE WITH S.A.G. CARDS?" Just to make sure everybody knew he was an ACTOR. At this point, I was so irritated by him and was a step away from turning around and shouting "DID YOU HEAR THAT EVERYBODY? MY DATE IS A MEMBER OF THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD. HE IS BETTER THAN YOU!" I didn't, but I should have, because it might have ended the date right there.

Movie over. I was so annoyed, I don't even remember what we saw. He drives me home, doesn't even offer to walk me to the front door of my apartment, but says "I had a really nice time." Normally, when dates go bad and I'm not interested or I can tell he's not really interested in giving it a second try, I'm at least gentle and polite about it. I couldn't be bothered this time. He didn't deserve it. So I just said "I didn't. Please don't call me again" and got out of the car and slammed the door HARD. I charged inside without looking back, but now somewhat regret that, since I would have cherished the memory of the look on his face. Then again, his enormous ego probably brought him to think that had more to do with a shortcoming of my own than any fault of his.

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Jun 2008
nansy jones said:
posted on Sep 11, 2008
You're welcome girl,

Well that wasn't so pleasant!I seriously hate guys like him!If I were you I would have tried harder with that knife you mentioned(you can always accidentally cut him,just a bit:)?!?)You survived and that's what matters + without any injuries..In my worst date I drove him home while he was crying so believe me there is worse..:):)

Member Since
Aug 2007
Gina Pertonelli said:
posted on Sep 13, 2008
I should have thrown up on him :)

I hope you find someone GREAT too!!!

Member Since
Sep 2008
Raymond Tan said:
posted on Sep 15, 2008
More Please

I love reading this. Great writing and humor. I hope that you'll get many more dates like this so you can write more of such adventures. Ok Ok Just kidding...

Member Since
Aug 2007
Gina Pertonelli said:
posted on Sep 16, 2008

I'll leave next time before ever putting up with a guy like that again.....