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"Bad (maybe not the worst) Date?" 


Date Range: 07/13/1995 To 08/05/2007   Comments: 2   Views: 12,599
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My worst date was not as much as a bad date as it was my sidekick and junior year college roommate "Herman" (swear on that) who was a douchebag to girls, skinny, mean (to girls), and had a face full of acne. We used to go out and he's claim to be my wingman. He'd always say - you take the pretty one, I'll take the plain ones.

Thing was, he *ALWAYS* got the action. I usually got shot down.

So one day we go to a bar and in walks The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. I mean she was HOT, smoking smoking hot. Tall, long legs, long hair - easily model material. It was like the heavens "Ahhhh" on a high note when she walked thru the door or some scene from a movie. Smokin.

She is with her friend, who is ok looking but next to this princess nobody stands a chance. They stood next to us at the bar and we try our best lines and moves (come on, we're like 20 years old - we don't HAVE any moves, but don't tell us and sure as hell doesn't stop us from thinking we do and/or trying!)

She's not having any of it. I guess beauty like that this princess is used to it. She probably gets hit on morning noon and night. Herman is striking out with her more plain friend too. We are about to pack it in, give up with our tail between our legs, and get ready to walk. Herman smokes, so we stopped outside so he could light his cigarette.

The two girls walk out and say goodnight (at least they were polite) and walk away. Immediately a group of guys starts following them - you know the type, drunk, stupid, their comments getting louder and nastier. The princess tries to keep her chin up and walk straight but her friend is obviously scared. Anyway she comes running back to us and whispers in my friend's ear. He nods and motions at me to come with.

So we walk them to where they're going (apparently they're visting a friend at the school who was off somewhere and they'd gotten bored). I honestly don't know what happened, but somehow I ended up with the non-Princess, who turned out to be a wicked cool chick, although nothing happened, and Herman had walked ahead with princess mumbling something about her wanting to go home. I offered to walk the girl and she said she was still bored and not tired so could we watch TV In the dorm or something? I say sure and we watch a few lame shows on the tube and she falls asleep on the couch. I wake her up after a bit and offer to walk her back. She agrees and that's the last I ever saw of her.

I get back to my dorm room and find the freaking sock is on the doorhandle! The universal signal for stay the F outta the room!!! He's getting some action again! Did he somehow meet up with the girl I had just walked back home - when did he find time to meet a new girl and talk her into coming back to his room????!?

I don't feel like watching TV and no one else is around so I wait in the lounge area reading some stupid book. About an hour later: OUT WALKS PRINCESS! In a towel, hair all mussed, asking for the bathroom.

LOL. Herman got the Princess..... way to go dude.

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Jun 2008
nansy jones said:
posted on Sep 11, 2008
Oh he was just lucky!

I'm sure that you could have her if you tried..That wasn't a bad date(not for Herman anyway!) Not so exciting for you though but I'm sure you got all those spicy details narrated with accuracy to you,by the Lucky guy the other day!!So...Go Go Herman,LOL:)

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Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Sep 12, 2008
i couldn't afford her

he never saw her again either... such is love at a young