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"Not My Worst Date, but A Funny One…" 


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About 14 years ago, I was home from college (ha, I first wrote 10 years then had to redo the math – it goes so quickly!).  I was going to school in DC and loved coming home for the summers in Columbus, OH as a lot of my friends were still local.


My good friend Jenn was always indulging my search for love and she heard that a friend of hers was interested in going out with me – I had known him for a while and thought he was cute and sweet, so I agreed.   

Anyway, Brian offered to pick me up at my parent’s house, where I was staying for the summer.  I don’t remember the details, but I think my parents were having some work done on a car and needed a ride to the dealer to pick it up.  I dropped them off and rushed back home to get ready for my date (it was a HOT and humid summer day and I was looking….not so hot).  Well, being a summer visitor, I realized when I got home, I didn’t have a key to the house!  And, since this was before cell phones, I was stuck on the front porch as the mercy of my parent’s return –


About 6 (after an hour of melting in the heat waiting for any sign of my parent’s arrival), Brian pulled up in the driveway and found me sitting on the front porch, looking less than ready for our date.  Finally about 10 minutes later my parents came home and I rushed inside for the quickest shower and “puff and fluff” you’ve ever seen.


Finally, we were off – we went to a movie theater where you could eat and drink and had a good time.  Then we were going to meet some other friends out after, but he needed to swing by his apartment first.  As we were walking into his building, I slipped on the stairs and went flying down about 6 of them on my bum!  Smooth!


Then, inside his place, he was doing his thing and I picked up his pet rabbit (I know, kind of a funny pet for a 20 something man) but the rabbit was sooo cute….then, I set him down….and I noticed the front of my shirt was WET.  The sooo cute rabbit had soooo cutely peed all over my shirt!


Brian and I weren’t a love match, but we had a good time and I learned never to pick up rabbits and always watch your step on the stairs.

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Raymond Tan said:
posted on Sep 16, 2008
Cute Story

Love your cute story. Fun to read. I cannot resist picking up cute animals too. I love them.

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Apr 2008
Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Sep 16, 2008

That date sounds like fun to me! Guys like that when girls are cute and vulnerable.

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Myka Piereonini said:
posted on Oct 10, 2008

i take it that's not your husband? lol