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"Ron'sgiving Day" 


Date Range: 2008 To 2008   Comments: 2   Views: 9,486
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Must share this story of my buddy Ron. It'll warm the dark cockles of your black hearts....

So Ron and I were at the mall, shuffling around looking for crap to buy, totally uninspired. We wanted to buy gifts for everyone but just had this sense that we were buying crap just to be polite, rather than buying anything meaningful.

Bought some candles and some gadgets and some other stuff. Lots of sales at the stores. Lots of people. Not a lot of buying. So I guess in one way we help keep the stores, who employ peeps, open. But still felt like I was grudgingly giving my heard earned money rather than buying stuff to make others happy.

Ok so anyway, the mood is set, clear?

We decide to get something to eat. The food court is busy. People still eat, yo.

I get one of those honking pretzel things and Ron gets some chinese food. The only table open is one squeezed next to a big family, which kind of sucks trying to eat next to a bunch of yelling and cranky kids.

Whatever, we eat our food and all and I can't help notice that kids ARE cranky and the mom looks exhausted. She's half-heartedly telling them to settle down, her voice weary as the words were rote, spoken so often they were soft and leathered. She looked - tired.

The kids got worse, and she seemed to sink even further into herself. One little boy wouldn't eat and she was getting really frustrated with him and telling him not to waste food. I noticed then that they had about 3 plates of food for 6 people and were all sharing, that plus sharing 2 drinks.

I looked at all my junk in the bags next to me, wondering how much money I'd spent (I hadn't even kept track) and I think (know) that Ron felt the same. Putting more of a damper on the day, we got up to leave. Ron fidgeted with his bag while I squeezed out. Turning around I noticed that Ron wasn't behind me and saw him whisper something to the woman and slip something into her hand.

He walked away and she sat there, opening her hand. I saw a wad of money. She started to shake her head no, but Ron reached me and grabbed my arm and said "Let's go man." The woman couldn't get up and leave her little kids so she was stuck with the dough.

We walked away and I couldn't resist one more peek back and she was smiling after us and gave a little wave.

Ron's not by any means a rich guy. He works as a sales guy in one of the local ski repair shops. I don't know how much money he gave her, but whatever it was it made her smile.

I asked Ron what he said to her when he gave her the money and he shrugged and said, "I just told her Merry Christmas."

Now, I need go find my own secret mama to pay it forward to too.

Happy Holidays all. Yo ho ho.

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Susan Janneck said:
posted on Dec 23, 2008
What a wonderful gesture

Thanks for sharing and making this a wonderful holiday.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Brian.

Member Since
Jun 2008
nansy jones said:
posted on Dec 27, 2008
How sweet is he?

The best thing to do and inspire us all to be better people...cause we all can one way or another:)
Great story...missed your writting man...