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"BOGO: My First Suit" 


Date Range: 07/13/1995 To 12/31/2008   Comments: 0   Views: 5,898
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After managing twenty-something years of my life without a suit, I finally bought one. Yes! I am now a proud owner of a Men’s Warehouse American brand suit. For you lesser mortals who have never heard of Men’s Warehouse …well, it’s an entry level suit brand that’s sold … you guessed it, Men’s Warehouses. Although I ordered mine from the internet.  I’m gonna like the way I look (as soon as I put the fug thing on).


A few days back my boss said I had to attend a sales call the very next day. Corporate etiquette dictates that I wear a suit or at the very least a jacket to meet clients. Unfortunately the time was short and I had to make do with the best formal attire I could manage – a bright blue button down shirt and dark blue pants. Of the 8 people in the meeting, I was the only one that didn’t ‘suit’ the occasion. I bought my first Men’s Warehouse suit the next day.


Checking out the prices, not so bad. Especially with the Canadian dollar being a bit stronger (yeah eat that Americans!) :) And they had a special two for the price of one. So I tried to order one (how many suits does a guy need?) at half price but they weren’t having any of that. Why? If I can buy two for one why not give me one at half price? Duh…..


So I bought my roommate a suit too since he’s about the same size. Ok he’s heavier but it’s all muscle. So he says. Now I am getting the remote for the next week for pumping him up like this.


I bought this suit:


I bought mac daddy this suit (yeahhhh boyeee!!!!!!!!!)


So I had to take my own measurements. It’s kind of weird to be measuring the inside of your leg, you know? But I was doing it online so I guess it was better than being in the store. True.


Still, seems like a lot of money to be buying a monkey suit like that. I could be half way to a season ski pass with that money. Or taking a hot babe on a whirlwind date. Or a flight to Vancouver. Or, Or….. but noooooooooooooo I had to please my boss.


Even though. We. Work. In. Technology. Where no one wears suits. Whatevs. We have to please the client. In this economy the CLIENTS RULE. True.


So wake me up when the world is enough that men don’t have to wear chokeholds around their necks, women don’t have to wear Spanx, and I’m rich.




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