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"What was your First Memory?" 


Date Range: 01/01/1964 To 12/31/1967   Comments: 6   Views: 14,718
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I sent out a question & asked some friends & followers on Twitter (you can follow us at or "@SOML") about what their first memory was. Funny stuff! Add your First Memory in the comments below or write a story about it...

My first memory is rather vague, but something about me + mud + my mother's freshly washed floors/carpet = a lot of bloody screaming! :)

Your First Memory?

  1. Mike BrownBrainzooming@SOML #myfirstmem - Going to hosp on a Sun morning after my finger was caught in a door that had been closed & locked. I was 3 & screaming.
  2. Shirley AllenShirleyAl@SOML My first memory. Falling into the farm reservoir aged 2.1/2 years. Farmhand grabbed me by my clothes just before I hit the water.
  3. elizabethbaroneelizabethbarone@SOML My first memory (I think) is of eating spaghetti with my dad in my little high chair, as a baby of 1 or 2. #myfirstmem
  4. JanelleCCGAL@soml #myfirstmem struggling to get sweet taste, getting hit by something. Later learned I was 5 mos old w/ 1st candy cane trying to eat it.
  5. Darlene Deere BishopDeeBishop@SOML #myfirstmem Abt 3 yrs, living in TX, big sister playing baseball, swung bat, hit me in the head - many others from that age
  6. MJ SchraderMJSchrader@soml #myfirstmem I was 2 according to my parents, we were looking at trailers in Alabama. :) Don't know why I remember that...
  7. DianesBlueswoman@SOML my first memory is at 5 and riding the bus to kindergarten, the bus driver looked like David Lee Roth LMAO
  8. winkieflashwinkieflash@SOML My first memory is sitting on the sofa, trying out coconut for the first time. I didn't like it back then :) #myfirstmem
  9. Christian Caldwellxian3000@SOML riding on the shell of a giant tortoise in Houston Zoo. My 'rents tell my I was barely 2 when we did that. #myfirstmem
  10. jennie menkejenmenke@SOML I think all my "earliest memories" are polluted by the photographs I have. I can't be sure they are real or manufactured by Kodak.
  11. Anne Nayercoachparadise@SOML Thanks 4 the follow - love stories n your site and am thinking about my first memory once upon a time...
  12. Noelle McCormackSweetThames@SOML my mum making me get out of my pram and walk so she could load her shopping in. reckon I was two and a bit. and I was cross!!!
  13. Just A Girlinvestinginlife@SOML 2 yrs, tipping back in chair, fell backwards, bit tongue, dr ofc 4 stitches. Equip used to hold mouth open looked like eyelash curler!
  14. purplehayzpurplehayz@SOML Cool idea! #myfirstmem was jumping on a swing with a wasp nest and stung 4 times on each ankle at 4yo
  15. ramblingrebaramblingreba@SOML My very first memory is my sister's coming home from the hospital. I was just a little older than 2 1/2.
  16. M Bradley McCauleymcsis@SOML riding a neighbor girl's tricycle--I was 4 in 1941
  17. Anthony BScratch5150@SOML My earliest memory is when I was four or five and they put me on a tractor and my brother was driving, scared the bejeesus out of me!
  18. Tim NunnTimNunn@SOML Riding on the back of the family pet labrador dog across the front lawn. Must have been about 3. #myfirstmem
  19. suzannehihsuzannehih@SOML that will be my memory in about 20 minutes, I'll be the one screaming. Kiddo is outside with corn starch, the hose, and a shovel.
  20. Michael Haitmichaelhait@SOML The earliest memory I have is staying up late with my father to watch Steve Martin on SNL (must have been about 2 yrs old).
  21. Laurengoodlife_sister@SOML going to the beach when I was about 3 or 4 years old...and the headboard of my bed had a lamb on it.
  22. Elli FordyceElliFordyce@SOML Very 1st I can think of is day dreaming of a sexy singer lounging on a piano in a slinky black gown singing to supper-club audience
  23. hipchickheatherhipchickheather@SOML my earliest memory was looking over the windowsill at a duck in my backyard, just barely reaching the windowsill on my tippy toes
  24. RosalieRosalieB@SOML Having a nightmare and crawling into bed with my parents, a feeling of peace/security I've never experienced as an adult. And, yours?
  25. Randy Seaverrjseaver@SOML First memory is of father holding baby brother just home from hospital. Age 2 years, 11 months.
  26. EvaUlianEvaUlian@SOML I can give you hundreds of first memories, depending on which moment you want me to bring out from the background of my mind
  27. Victoria LoweTotoTwiga@SOML Leaving carrots for the rabbits that lived in the forest behind our house when I was 2 y/o.
  28. Rhonda H.OutlanderUSA@SOML Eating sand aka crunchy pancakes.
  29. angelaandconnorangelaandconnor@SOML MMM prol sitting at my grandmother's table watching her cook.. I was prol 2-3
  30. Christian Buckleybuckleyplanet@SOML i remember when i was 2 or 3, sitting up in my bedroom, running to my parent's room, crawling under the covers while they were asleep
  31. margiezamMargieZam@SOML less than 4 years of age, floating in the air above my crib. Got scared and cried out and flopped back down on bed.
  32. Antje WilschIHaveFleas@SOML my daddy tossing me into the air, I swear, so cool thought I was flying!
  33. laura grazianoloris_sl@SOML I guess me trying to walk - & fall down miserably (a picture of my life) :)
  34. Michelle Yogismyogis@SOML Walking into my grandfather's room,pointing to his boots, him putting me in them & walking me to kitchen at 1 year old! #myfirstmem
  35. Cathy Weavercaweaver My first memory: my first snow, and being pulled on a sled.

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Jan 2009
Sam Henderson said:
posted on Mar 20, 2009

I left the images and links as names back to Twitter in case you liked them and wanted to read more or follow them too!

Member Since
Feb 2009
Maria Amoroso said:
posted on Mar 23, 2009
A trumpet

I remember a trumpet on a big cupboard. Since I was adopted after that I never knew if the memory was true. Many years later I met my biological mother. She confirmed. It was a small plastic trumpet on the recordplayer close to my child bed! AND I was only 1 year old!

Member Since
Jan 2009
Sam Henderson said:
posted on Mar 23, 2009

That's such a neat memory, especially since it was blurred by young memories forming and an upheavel - I'll bet she was moved to tears confirming that memory? :)

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Aug 2007
Agnes Williams said:
posted on Mar 23, 2009
my first memory

was petting a cat.... and getting scratched! I am sorry to say I've never LOVED cats since then.

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Mar 2009
Rose Mary Smith said:
posted on Apr 14, 2009
I was sitting in a wooden playpen.

I'm not sure how old I was but, I bet I was as young as one. I remember vividly that I was in the play pen, one of those old wooden one's, you know the kind you could get your head stuck in between the rungs, with the little beads you could spin, they were red and the dye would stain your skin. I was in the back yard. My Mother was hanging clothes. And I was watching my older sister, who was riding back and forth on her tricycle, she was doing tricks to make me laugh. 

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Feb 2009
MaryHelen Cuellar said:
posted on May 02, 2009
A Feeling Memory

I had a memory when I was already grown that I had never had before of laying in a bed, very short, unable to move myself, so I was a baby?  And it was dark, and I felt that I was to lay very still and not cry.  But the memory that I carried with me from the day it happened--I was three and going to a birthday party, and my mother had wrapped a candy bar in tin foil for the present, and I was carrying it, and staring at the tin foil; I thought it was the best present in the world!