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"Ghetto school or Good school?" 


Date Range: 02/07/2009 To 04/15/2009   Comments: 3   Views: 4,792
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  Alright so in 6th grade i went to this one school, and during the summer my mom got a letter in the mail regarding a new choice of Middle school, because the school i was attending, was not doing well at all in the TAKS scores. So, for 7th grade i had to go to an extreamly preppy school. I had apsolutely no friends for at least 2 months, and was constantly picked on by preps.

  After a while i finally had a wide range of friends, including the Gangsters, the skaters, and of course, my own type, the freaks. I have been extreamly greatful for all my friends, and since i attended this school for a whole two years, i should have qualified for a "tracking transfer." I really wanted to attend AHS because 1:All my friends are going there and 2: It's a really good school. On February 7th, my mom woke up early in the morning and stood in line for 2 hours, just to turn in a transfer form. We wern't expecting any problems with the transfer. After about 3 months of waiting, they finally sent a response. The answer? "NO." I couldnt believe i wouldnt be able to attend AHS. They letter stated that "The school is under a frozen Transfer, and seeing that you are not a priority transfer, you may not attend AHS. But you may however attend one of the three schools listed."

  Out of all of the three schools, and my Home school, all of them were extreamly horrible schools, accedemicly and peer wise. Lots of gang violence and the school police carried tazers around. I was DEVISTATED! How could i leave all my friends and start all over?! My mom wanted to try again so she sent an appeal letter, once again, denied. We thought about maybe faking an address, but we dont really have any address to use. Mom always told me "Three times a charm." so we sent one in for the third time. The response came yesterday. And once again denied.

  So my mom has decided that i have to attend my home school, which i am dreading. My mom notices how much my heart was set on AHS, so she told me "We wont stop trying, ok? Go to ur homeschool for at least a semester or two, and we'll try again. Hopefully, they wont be as crowded. But no matter what, i will try my hardest to get you into AHS." So im not loosing hope yet. Because if i keep thinking positive, im sure i'll eventually get in.

  The only thing im still worried about is the fact that i feel my friends will forget about me. That happened already, when i had to move from my school in 6th grade, i talked to my friend for 2 weeks, and now she wont even answer my phone calls. I dont want to lose everyone i won.

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Sep 2007
Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Apr 17, 2009
Keep in touch

Can you visit and do after school activities with them? I know that's really hard to be uprooted like that. Especially when going into a worse situation. You will make new friends so don't discount that, your doors will open to new kinds of people, but i know it can be difficult to always try & see the bright side of life.

Keep documenting problems at the new school and see if you can persuade their minds......

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Aug 2007
Susan Janneck said:
posted on Apr 17, 2009
I agree with Kristina-keep in touch

Every person, good or bad, that you meet in life will somehow enrich  the person that you are and will become. Try to keep an open mind.

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Mar 2009
Valerie Jones said:
posted on Apr 19, 2009
Thanks Girls

Yeah, i guess you're right. Thanks :)