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"I want to get away" 


Date Range: 02/17/1995 To 05/04/2009   Comments: 4   Views: 4,358
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I'm so sick of feeling horrible about myself. Everyday for the past 14 years of my life, i have been critizised for the way i look. Such as "Your nose is so big." or "Your too skinny, are you anerexic or bilemic?" or "Your lips are weird, and you have huge eyes." and "You have no boobs, and no ass and big ears." All i want to hear is "Wow you are so beautiful!" I wish i could go to god and ask him why he had to make me so ugly? I hate walking in the halls at school and hearing people whisper mean things about me. I envy my friends for having the perfect shaped nose or the perfect body. I know i dont have an eating disorder, but i hate how everyone just asumes I do. I am tired of getting hurt from boys saying they don't like me. I am tired of having a broken heart, i still ache from my previous breakup. I want to be loved. I am so sick of this life....

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Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on May 04, 2009
just wait a bit...

Sounds like your school is total crap. I know it doesnt' help NOW, but almost no one remembers highschool after a while. It does define some people, but usually people who are perfect and glide through life or those who get really beat up by life. Most people are neither extreme and end up being all right. Just remember that - it doesn't last forever, and one day you'll be fighting the men away.

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Aug 2007
Susan Janneck said:
posted on May 06, 2009
Brian is right

What you are experiencing now is the same "rights of passage" teenagers have gone through "forever". Don't let it get you down. The junior high years (I was part of the first time that grades 7 and 8 were separated from high school and we had our own building) and the senior high years are the most difficult time for us girls. Always trying to be in the in-crowd, trying to be popular. I would not like to revisit those years for anything. Now when I look back at my senior yearbook I wonder how could I have thought that these people were pretty or handsome. Life continues and it will get better as you grow into womanhood. I never had a date until I was in college. So just hang in there and be good to yourself. The more you like yourself the more others around you will react to those vibes.

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Mar 2009
sandra portalatin said:
posted on May 07, 2009
the make over

I love make over and I have the perfect idea for you. this is what you should do go to the beauty salon and get highlights on your hair that will make your nose smaller get hair rollers and put some curls let your hair grow a little longer and you wont be able to see your ears. go to the mall and get a bottle of cover up if you think you need you can get this in sear or macy's, lord and tailor, its about 35.00 and it last a year, and at the mall since you going to buy the cover up. they will do all your make up for free. get your nail done and if your parent don't want to give you the money or they just cant times are bad get a job a part time. i know you can do this i wish you live next to me so i can help you. i can do highlights. will love to help. hear its my secret the kids make fun of me because i have big lips went i got to high school I was so skinny they tell me the i was[bulimic]. i did not wanted to feel like that anymore so i did something about it i got a perm makeup and you want to hear something funny. i toke over the school people will agree before i even finish what i was saying, well to make a long story short i have the lips like Angelina Jolie and sinse i let it get to my head it hurt it. well at that time big lips was not a big deal they made me feel ugly. then i had my first child i got a little weight and i look cute i exercise daily i have two kids now and all the people the made fun of me are fat and ugly now. they wish there wear me. now I'm 36 years old and i look 21 i wear size 3 in jeans and i look younger than my ex husband and my boyfriend who by the way its younger than me his 33 years old and look 25.  went people they meet us they tell him about me to stop going out with a little girl. i know the same will happen to you, just hang in there. Do you know the people who talk about other people are insured of than self so they spend there time putting people down because it make them feel good about them self, but in reality they not happy with there lives. I like to think the someday they will stop, but the true is they will spent there  hole life making fun of people because its the only way that they can feel good about them self because even thow they may look happy there not. be nice, went i toke over the school, { I did }with kindness that made me more cute. please don't do what they did to you to others or you will become worst than them. there is nothing more beautiful than a pretty girl with a heart i wish you the best of luck. RUBY

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Mar 2009
Valerie Jones said:
posted on May 08, 2009
Thank you everyone.

Thanks for all the lovely advise you guys have giving me, it has made me relize that people, will critize no matter who you are.