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"Kudos to Cubs Fans!" 


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My husband and I recently went on vacation to Chicago.  Like a good wife, I agreed to go to the famous Wrigley stadium to see the Cubs play (I had zero interest in this, but my husband reaaallly wanted to go).


When he bought the tickets, he was advised the seats were "partially obstructed."  After checking into it, he was content it meant we were on a deck and we couldn’t see the fly balls.


When we arrived at the stadium, there it was a twelve inch steel beam, smack dab in the middle of our two seats.  We laughed and now understood why the tickets were available (you see, even though most of the Cubs games are at 1 PM, they still have a tremendous attendance; so, unlike say a National’s game, the place was full so it wasn’t like we could just hop seats).

We spent most of the game with our necks craned around either side watching the game, slurping on lukewarm beer, eating peanuts, and cheering at the 13 home runs for the Cubbies.  Actually, most of the time, I was on my blackberry and would pop up at the appropriate time to cheer.


About mid-way through the game, this woman came up to us and said "I can’t stand watching you guys anymore!  Come with me, there are two open seats by us."

So, we graciously accepted her offer and followed her to her section and watched the rest of the game from stellar seats with no steel beams. 




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Brian Childers said:
posted on Aug 15, 2009
nice person

to let you move seats

i would have bolted myself