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"America. A History of Us." 


Date Range: 04/29/2010 To 04/29/2010   Comments: 2   Views: 4,056
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I was excited. It was an event that I was looking forward to seeing. I wanted to record it to disc for my grandkids and I cleared my recorded space of Spongebob and Mickey ready for it, but I am disappointed, it is amateurerish, at least this first episode is.
Scenes of the British Fleet are mostly shown in underwater shots and fish seem as important as the barnacles attached to the hulls of passing ships. Clever scenes in slow motion of shot fired from the end of a musket; are these meant to stimulate the senses. I have imagination!. The use of shots taken from behind obstructions such as walls and outstretched arms out of focus leave us to fill in the blanks and without the narration we would, I feel, have many. Firing practise with the half the screen obstructed by a body of a patriot and also the same during battle scenes leaves the narration to carry the story, and what a story, but I feel that was sadly short of a good deal of it.
I hope episode two is an improvement.

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Aug 2007
Archibald Sharron said:
posted on May 01, 2010
I have yet to watch it

Mr. Jameson,

I, too, videotaped it with intentions of watching it, but now not as much. It's getting rather poor reviews.

With regards,
Archibald Sharron

Member Since
Feb 2010
Alan Stanley said:
posted on May 03, 2010
Hey Archibald.

It's only my opinion, for what it's worth, but there was a lot of hype!