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"Wisdoms of the World toward Art" 


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The world knows not wisdom, only as it pertains to the old and ravaged sages or is at once anyone but us, and it may be asked..."Who are we?" or "Who are we to judge, what is or what is not Wisdom?"...only some experience can tell.
I cannot speak of wisdom, for just this word is a "stigmata" made for justifications, invariably as a repeat to other peoples saying, and wise they may be if they even could hit a dust speck close to those truely great men/or women of history. So I cannot speak of wisdom, but I can speak of what I see...out there, from my witness, partial witness, and doubts that anyone would ever listen to....the rest of the story as partial here. For Wisdom is a sense of success unseen, part of the trials and travails of each of our journey accounted for, or discounted in whole or part by others. No Sages here...old, as eternities blessings, but just the account of one grain of salt among the many whos life is what it is, made by one and encroached on by others to lead, and follow, to watch from the top of a pyramid as to be the brick layer at the bottom in the same motion.

My life has been about art. My parents and their parents too...If I went back it would be well over 150 years. Why not utilize my own "dream", afterall it is allowed to me, and everyone by Divine Right....absolute right under the constitution of all lands to persue ones God given right to follow happiness! (Remember these words).  However I am aware that perspectives have changed, and so with the civilization that I live in. One has to be flexible with cause and causation, politics and its many derivitives of what may be the many many other perceptions.  Great art, words and writings of masters of the past....well, they have their limitations...especially now during a societal free-for-all (where words and ideas may mean...only in general terms...or * limitations apply, restrictions apply (Please see back-reverse side for details). Obviously one must have as sense of humor in ones journey. As conditions change one has to draft onesown ability, creativity or intelligence but keep ones allegiance to the 'right', what is right, and definitions of things that simply dont go away despite how society seems to haze everything into a gray fog of 'new age' reality, or oblivion (please email me if one truly wants a pure definition of contemporary oblivion-I think were seeing it)...the "truth" is simply set if one wants, and quite obvious in the definition of what "is" actually is.....this, that or the other thing to be true, actual, real and perceptible as a great sculpture on a stand at a great museum. Although we may not like is there, right there and obvious. Art is a search for the general frameworks of truth through many veils and levels of understanding. One is aware there is only "one" truth, one absolute and grateful truth that one has to deal with. This is the start of the story of our lives.....all the rest is grayed out and disinfected dust of what may be truth, the rest lay buried in a theroretical dust bin of scholarly intellectivity, with grades from one to five of 4000 page reports on nothing that seem something but are not really anything creative, only grave markers of karmic contraband and conspiricy that leave the working mind as desolate as the Arizona desert mid-summer. Karma takes it from there. Wisdom. What can be said? Everything or nothing? Words well founded by the clever wise: A penny for ones thoughts..

Art...something creative, building on ones own inner abilities...not a copy...but each by one. I knew an artist that called it "His own paperwork" and surely enough, it was his own thousand upon thousands of papers of research in drawings. He could have done corporate reports....but "this" was "his own paperwork" and his own original research, which he guised in a remote office so people (general people) could better understand him. On days he was off to the "office"...and bound to the studio (the art studio). People generally dont understand art, and the word "office" has more clever intentions, for his work was creative. In his office was no fax or copier. Not a computer could be found among the thousand drawings (and I may add good drawings) from floor to ceiling. He was nervous about having people to his office was difficult to make people understand...this was his studio. Roughly only 5% of the entire population understands art, artistic concepts..the realm of vital physical relationships to thoughtful theoretic structures. 99.9% understands what paperwork and office represent....they are both work. On the other hand I met an artist who claimed his work was painting, scaffolding, plumbing and digging ditches, and he quite really did just a matter of semantic relationships all can be considered art.

When you make art, you have to study what art you are making, and love the product you make. Its very important that the artist works in behalf of learning about art through the world around him/her. Though some believe that this is mearly a hobby (art or music) I hope that those people look into the arts and recognize the substantial addition to the culture that they represents in real terms with good art representing good culture. Only about 5% of the population have made the discovery of art, respecting it as this realm should be respected.

All good works are honorable under God. All good actions are signs that He exists.

Love God....the Great Art.  Remember...How Great "Thou Art"

Whatever your religion or belief system, remember this important rule: We are each a member of His Creation and under the creators absolute authority. Each of us are indivisible from creation. Even if one does not has to look up at the stars and know that every quanta is by definition a whole at some level. So is

As a sulptor a great statue, or a potter a vase...each person is a specific creation of God and within that creation each person is delivered upon this plain to have a specific purpose.

Logic is Important...Good Logic is even more important and more relevant. However there is a point when logic, compounded, has positively no relationship to logic as represented and becomes a mix-me-up spin of the barbers chair. This is where the fun of semantics begin and end in a neverending chase ending in paradox. Logic ends and a journey of your life begins as an artist discoverer. Who knows what path it will bring one to...or from?

A sense of God is more Important than Logic!

Never try to impress a person in reaction what they do not usually ends up in more misunderstanding. (one must continually learn reason)...even though absolutes exist merely in a haze of logic.

Always remember one important thing-to help your neighboor (love your neighboor), be your brothers helper. Give when it really appreciated and with kindness, not just words.

Clinical Skeptics have a problem...their mirror image.

Argument for the sake of argument never solved a single issue. Be rational instead of cynical, as the emptiness that  occurs in cynicism only propells itself to a void where no one really wants to go, and thats a cynical understatement!

Never give pearl to swine. Sometimes its like teaching a pig to sing: First of all pigs dont sing, and second, you may annoy the pig in the final analysis.

Many times it is the best for one to smile and go their merry way than get involved in politics, misunderstandings or  other impediments of grief that are there to stifle progress and happiness.

For the young your best at what you do. Let it be not just because it makes money, let it be (whatever your dream!) be a desire for uncomprimised fulfillment whether it be towards a degree, work, or life dream. For this student there should be no comprimise as to the pursuit of excellence as well as the grace of personal vision adding to ones perspective.

Learn everyday! Learn about everything! Learn what makes things work and what makes thing fail. Take your life as an experiment and let your failures lead to greater success. In short what has one got to lose in the final analysis. Life is too short to not do a thing with the gift of Life that one is given.

Take history as a better measure of excellence than present. Look back and see how really good historys masters (of whatever field) were. Model these people (those genius of yesterday)  instead of transient  Pop Star. Dont comprimise to popularity just because ones friends necessarily "like this’ in favor of some greater model in history. There are teachers who can be role models as well as many other people of quality that you can listen to in help of determining "best"...and do so in an inquisitive non jugemental way in order to attain a sense of personal perfection. 

Study your craft.

Make choices not because your friends like them, make choices because you have personal reason for these choices.

Let not the Judgement of the "they says" be your decisions to. Dont just go along with the crowd that says "yes" all the time, Research your reasons and why you feel them. There are reasons and prejudice against many things. Be  a "knowledgable" and rational person to your own decisive abilities. In short there is no template of how everyone is. Everyone is an individual and privilaged to that domain of being different.

There is no absolute Wisdom, only experiences that guides one to a course of progress.

Make progress constantly, even if its a small step in the direction you wish to go. These small steps will lead to bigger steps and then to giant leaps. No world is conquered in a day, week or millennium, the perception of "world" must first be at our very core of understanding ourselves. Know thyself is the first commandment of being. We must address the world openly and with understanding in order to more clearly dicern our own ideas over the ideas given to us under general parameters of associations. In this way we can make progress.

Study your world and the context of each person and their place on this planet, in whole and part...we all are a part of a greater system.

Never be depressed if "success" dosent come immediately or even after continued application. It may seem that one has failed in some circumstances that we contend with in our lives, but in truth one never fails if one can learn by the experience, the trial or error...but in its never a failure when we apply our best ability..but actually a success.

Fame is fleeting...some give 15 minutes for Fame to run its course. "Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes" Andy Warhola

In the future people will not be famous at all but ranked according to "0’s and "1"s. The Golden Rule in the Arts  and Science applies to this Society and is: Those who have the gold make the rules!

There is no perfect person. Being wealthy is more a mask if it is not backed up by the sublime and often  philosophical experience of humaness-perception, a wisdom that is long in coming and long in falling.

One, is truely wealthy.. if one understands the world and lives a gracious condition of loving God, his fellow man, than mere gold, petty coin or the billions upon billions which measure least in the greater context.

Trust...what can afterall be said of this?

The world will Never Know the Artist, and only the reknown for the sublimity of the profits around him/her . Sad though it is, this truth, is important to remember that an artist, is of his own making, and posterity is important thing to the Universe at Large. Whatever Truth is...the art reflects.. and is known to Truth. One scandle that may be observed is Pop Culture.  This is so widely known and too massively observed for even the Universe and whatever angels there are not to sit back in its easy chair and surf the channels for something a little more sublime and perhaps a tad less perfect than the variety show. Art is not about Fame and never was....

Consider oneself honored to be a starving is repeated so many times on our planet by is forcably true.

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