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"Friends no more" 


Date Range: 10/01/2009 To 02/03/2010   Comments: 1   Views: 2,155
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In this chapter, the last time i wrote in it i was talking about Paul, who was a guy i liked. I finally stopped liking him, and decided a friendship was better. We were really close. I always shared lunch with him and we talked a lot. Well, after my last boyfriend broke up with me, (Who also happened to be the guys, best friend) I was beyond upset. At the time of my break up, Paul was dating this girl named Priscilla, who was one of the reasons that my ex broke up with me. She is a massive flirt but no body sees her true colors except for me. Well anyway, earlier that day my friend told me that she saw my ex and Priscilla being all touchy together when Tyler and i were still dating. And that pissed me off, because i know it was true. I knew Tyler and Priscilla liked each other a little. I wanted Paul to know, so at lunch i went up to Paul and said "You need to keep your girlfriend on a leash, people are saying they saw her and Tyler all over each other". Paul got mad at me and said that i don't know what I'm talking about because Priscilla would never cheat on him. I knew that i was wrong for accusing her and stuff but i was upset and hurt and not to mention, overwhelmed with emotions. Later that day after school I saw Paul. I felt bad for what had happened earlier, so i decided to go talk to him about it. I walked up to him and said "Hey, i am really sorry about earlier. I am just really upset, and i guess i needed someone to blame for my break up other than myself. I really shouldn't have accused Priscilla like that, and i didn't mean to hurt you." Paul turned and looked at me, I started to cry because i felt that not only did i lose my boyfriend, but i felt that i was losing my friends as well. I guess Paul felt my pain so he grabbed me and hugged me tightly. He said "I know you're sorry Val, but that really hurt my feelings. I'm sorry about you and Tyler." That's when my mom pulled up to pick me up. I said sorry one last time to Paul, and i felt a little better. I thought maybe things were okay between us again.

   The next day at school I saw Paul at lunch, usually, if i didn't finish my lunch, i gave it to Paul and he would eat it up. So today i offered my lunch and he didn't accept it. I tried talking to him, but he just gave me one worded sentences and stuff. That freaked me out, because i thought everything was cool between us. When i got home later that day, i checked my facebook and realized that Paul deleted me from his friends list. I was so shocked. I thought that after our conversation yesterday, that everything was back to normal. But i guess I was wrong. I had a feeling that since Paul and Tyler were bestfriends, that Tyler told Paul not to talk to me anymore. I waited a couple of days to see if Paul had cooled off and during lunch i went to find him and i asked "Hey Paul, are you still mad at me?" and he said something, but i couldn't really understand because it was loud outside, the only thing i could hear was him saying something about what i said about Priscilla and then "I really don't want to be your friend anymore, Valerie." When i heard that, i wasn't really surprised, but i was still hurt. I knew not to show i was upset, so i put on a happy face and said "Oh okay, well i'll see you around then. Bye!" I smiled and walked off, as if it didn't hurt me. It hurts to know i lost a really good friend, but someday he will realize he was wrong, and maybe we can be friends again, because not so long ago, Priscilla broke up with him to go back with her ex. And her ex told me that Priscilla was only using Paul as a break from her and Renee's (her ex now boyfriend) relationship. So in the end, i was somewhat right about Priscilla cheating on Paul. Hopefully he will realize i was right in my intensions. I really miss Paul, and i'm not sure if i should message him and try making things right between us again.

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Brian Childers said:
posted on Jun 18, 2010
no - do not text him

Just let it die. If a guy wants to be with you, and he's mature & respectful, he'll move the stars to get at you. Just hold your pretty head up high, walk by and show him what he's missing out on.

I don't mean that to trivialize your feelings in any way. Just that if he's not into you, sure it's an ego buster, but why not find someone who is and treats you with respect and fun and lust? Plenty of fish in the sea- all you're after is one of them. Again that doesn't minimize your feelings, but it's his loss.