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"Oh, Mother!" 


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When I have been away from home for a long long time, I often start to miss you family. I even start to miss distant relatives such as a great-grand uncle seven times removed. When I come back home however, i suddenly remember why it is I enjoy being away from home in the first place.

As we all know, family members are the most exasperating people that know. You can change your friends but never your family. It seems to me that relatives are always doubly exasperating as they know that they can get away with it. How many of your mother's friends would openly comment on your dating situation?? That would be a social faux pas, but the minute that any member of your family finds out that you are still single despite being of eligible know what happens.

This happens all the time with me. The worst perpertrator is my mother. Somehow, she managed to convince all her friends that ALL of my friends would not be home for the holidays and that I would be very lonely. The result of which is that I have been extended numerous invitations to spend Christmas in various places round the country, these being rather thinly disguised attempts at matchmaking me with sons who are currently of age and eligible. As you can see, my mother is very well-meaning, but totally exasperating.

My biological clock is not relentlessly ticking away, though my mother's seems to be - I think she wants grandkids within the next 5 years...Everytime I am back on vacation, she takes me to this boutique where I saw my first Vera Wang wedding gown. I liked the simple yet elegant design and casually remarked to my mom that if i got married, it would be in a Vera Wang gown. This was 10 years ago, but she still reminds me of this remark, "Baby, do you it for you.... hint HINT!"

It has gotten up to the point that everytime I call home when I am away, she asks, "So, have you met anyone interesting yet??" My stock reply is to tell her that she should replace the word 'anyone' with 'GUY'. I love my mother but really, in situations like these, I do believe I can literally hear the cogs turnign in her head.

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