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"Hope Unlooked For" 


Date Range: 11/29/2011 To 11/29/2061   Comments: 4   Views: 5,952
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Dark were my days, and grey was all scenery.

Hope was all lost and all light extinguished.

Pain, like the scouring winds of the desert,

Eroding my life, destroying my soul.

Voices I’ve heard, harsh laughter inside

Screaming happiness is not for the likes of you.

Then, hope unlooked for, was met in the darkness.

And like the incinerating power of lightning,

The brilliance of you dispelled the dark,

Pushed back the fear, relit the fires of life,

And soothed the weary pains of a tormented soul.

The voices are there making mockery of this short bliss,

But through the cacophonous clamour your voice cuts

Like the ringing of trumpets, or the tinkling of silver bells

To remind me that love is forever and happiness too,

For those who are willing to believe.

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Member Since
Feb 2010
Patrick Kelley said:
posted on Dec 01, 2011

just wow

Member Since
May 2008
Charisma R said:
posted on Dec 01, 2011
I must admit

It is not mine... :) but it is awesome!

Member Since
Feb 2010
Patrick Kelley said:
posted on Dec 01, 2011
I'm surprised

It sounded so much like something you would write.

Member Since
Aug 2008
Sherryl Carrilho said:
posted on May 24, 2012

Love the drama