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"yeah we are backkkk, miss us?" 


Date Range: 11/07/2012 To 11/07/3000   Comments: 3   Views: 43,269
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hey saddossss, it tammy and bethany, we're back and better than before.

did you miss us?i bet you did.
 well it's been a whole week, really pleaed with how many people viewed our story.
so yeah, we are sat here in our graphics lesson. convincing our graphics teacher to read this rubbish story.. yeah we have a lot of spare time... just like you if you have wasted time out of your day just to read this.

thanks to the person who last commented on our story :)and as a reply to that i really dont think our grandkids will be sad enough to read this when they are older.. hopefully.

i really think that we are supposed to be doing some work in this lesson but hey, we decided to write you sadd people this crappy story.

hoped you liked it please comment we'll try to reply to all of them as soon as we can

adios loosers. :) much love

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Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Jul 16, 2012
what the F?

ok first of all, you're probably the ones clicking your "views" over and over so that you think people actually read your drivel
second, if we're all LOOSERS (learn how to spell, moron) then why are you posting at all? 

Member Since
Jul 2012
bethanyandtammy claridgeandtabib said:
posted on Jul 18, 2012
you seem like a lovely person *sarcastic face being pulled*

Bro, i highly doubt that we would waste our time clicking on our story over and over again, that might be something you do but thats not really our style.
If you dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all. 'cos no one cares.
many thanks your bestfreinds tammy and bethany much loovvee :)

p.s We dont need to spell check our work because we are only writing this for a joke.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Jul 19, 2012

You are so stupid, both of you.  1) You clicked your own story over and over. No one would give a shit to read that drivel 24,000 times. Give me a fucking break. 2) You are still both idiots who cannot spell and know nothing about grammar. 3) You insulted the other person who was nice enough to leave you a comment, AND the people who read your drivel. 4) Finally, if you're doing for a joke, then GTFO. Go to Fecesbook and do it there.