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I am adding this additional chapter to my introduction, because after I initially wrote the introduction, it was very difficult to come back to it and try to make sense of all that I have experienced through the various stages of my life and the trials that I have endured or overcome.  I wish ...


The Birth of Charles Leonard Wiggins

The story has already been written for awhile on my blog "From the heart of Praise, Prayer and Perseverance. 0; Here is a link to that posting, Below are the pictures of the blessed event.   http://fromthehea rt-dotwigg.blogsp other-2-prayer-re ml


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"The First Big Change" 


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Tom & Vicky were doing great. He had a job with a construction company and was working in Spokane building a hotel. They had moved into V's parents basement so that they could save money for a house. V did not have a car and so it worked well when Tom was out of town for V to be staying with her parents. They gave Tom &Vicky a room in their basement and she was so happy to have a little room for the baby to be right close to them. Tom came home on the weekends and they were all ok -V thought. Vicky could tell that Tom was restless, but she was young and focused on the precious joys of raising a happy baby boy. She did not give it much thought and tried very hard to not worry. Hey parents were happy to have Vicky there with their only grandson, Braydon and they laughed a lot together; life was comfortable. Vicky's parents both still worked and her brother Stan was living at home some of that time, so all were busy and there was a full house. Vicky kept lots of plans and events with friends and enjoyed getting close to both of her Grandma's -who lived a short distance from Vicky's parents house. Vicky had a standing lunch date with G. Patton once a week  or she would come and get V and they would go to Grandma's house for a game of cards and tea. Vicky grew in her soul as she listened to them and was peacful with her life changes. They planned a trip to TX- Tom's home state) to visit his parents for Christmas. When they were talking on the weekend before the trip he told V that he was done working for nothing and having no future. He was tired of not being appreciated by his employer and felt that he could not escape out from under the "thumb" as long as he lived in this town. She was shocked- V had thought he was happy. Tom said he wanted to move back to TX and he had an interview at Special Plastics where his dad worked. Vicky was devasted. She could not believe it was happening... but being the good supportive little Christian wife that she was... she  sucked up her feelings and got busy packing...      When they arrived in TX for Christmas he went through the whole inteview process and got hired. His family was extatic and felt as if God had answered all of their prayers. Vicky sat alone and cried when she heard he got the job. Her heart was realing from the change and was still in shock over the fact that it was decided-without her opinion or agreement. He was just "doing it" and she had to roll with it.V was not sure how to act-- everyone was so excited. She sat motionless-- thoughts  remember sitting in the dark staring at the ceiling with the sounds of a winter storm outside and feeling ...."this must have been what the pioneer girls felt when they were told they were leaving everything they knew in the city to move to the wilderness". Still she took comfort in the fact that she was moving to a beautiful family that loved us and adored Braydon. Vickey had comrodory with them and loved them.... it would possibley be ok" she thought, " and it will be nice to see Tom happy; -- "I am a smart, confident, strong woman with Adventure and Pioneer Spirit running through my veins...I can do this!" I bucked up and put on a smile to start planning our future here in NY. The next day, Tom had the drug testing and his first paperwork to sign at the new job. he went and did all the tests... they made him randomely take a carpal tunnel test on his hands, which they said just became a company policy. He was not worried since he was only 24 and felt strong with no pain. all the testing was done, and we went to look for houses. the next morning they called to tell hilm that he did not pass the carpol tunnel test and they couldn't give hm the job!  He was so disappointed and sad; she was speechless, but happy! this meant she was going home.  They spent a couple days with him looking into other jobs there... about a week later for New years, Tom's cousin  came home to visit from NC where he had just moved earlier that year. they started talking about how building was booming and the Carolina's was some kind of promise land for those who wanted a new start. That was all Tom needed. Tom's cousin got him a job and Tom came into the kitchen and said ..."well Vic - how do you feel about North Carolina?"  She went numb....  studdered, "I...well, I am not sure. What do you mean, like to visit?" He went on to tell me about the job opportunity and how he decided he wanted to go there and she felt like she was listening to someone else talk on Tv. He just was so excited and her brain was trying to wrap around what just happened. "How could he just decide like that?... What does he think he is doing?... I mean it was one thing to move to his family -- but to Charlotte, where we have nobody... the South?" Her thoughts were swimming... she said nothing. Vicky felt sick... she sat there while he made plans... I couldn't even grasp it-- so she said nothing. Later, as vicky lay awake in bed, she thought.."Its ok, I will talk him out of it on the way home. He is just excited and has his cousin pressuring him to move with great job plans and opportunity, but once I get him home he will be fine." Tom and Vicky left the next day, and traveled home. She was so nervous the first day home-- all this "potential change" in her head and not wanting to bring it up... she was hoping he would forget. He did not. He brought it up that night after dinner, he had talked to his family again and the job was all in alignment. Tom was leaving in three days. Vicky finally said, "but I don't want to leave my family...or move to Charlotte!" He answered, "well, then you can stay, but I'm going. This is too good to pass up, and its a new start for us." Vicky had a weird warm/cold chill-- then went numb again. They did not talk to much over the next day- she was so shocked that he just decided without her-- really?! vicky could have stomped her feet and cried, but that is ot what kind of girl she is. V just sucked up those empty feelings again and got brave. She did not have to decide right now- He was going and would send for Braydon and V later. She was sad, trapped, and was .... quiet to the truth. On the day he left- Braydon clung to him all morning-- nervous. He was just barely one year old and could feel the tention in the air. Tom packed his truck with all his gear and guns... he got tarps and all the money they had, packed food and drinks in a cooler and was ready. They stood on the  back deck of Vicky's parents house and Tom just held Breydon close, they looked at the mountains. The Basin was still covered in snow and the air was crisp cold. It was January.... Braydon wore a blue sweat suit and his dark brown curls were soft around his neck. Tom held him tight and talked in a low soft voice. Then, he took a deep breath,they little family all hugged-- V cried. Then with a wave- he got in his truck and left-- Tom's white truck just drove away down the small road. Vicky wanted to run screaming after him, but she swallowed the fear and sadnes-- she determined to be a "strong, brave girl and smiled through the tears. Vicky smiled as her heart wilted- but she waved him on instead, no screaming today." He raised one hand out the window- then was gone.

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