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"Heizen Grocer-Pay to Play" 


Date Range: 03/15/2009 To 07/20/2100   Comments: 0   Views: 498
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Pay to Play

An interesting old man came forward. “Ive been working my entire life as a writer!” He demanded out of the line in which a commanding St Peter was unlocking the pearly gates...
“And this line will go well in your essay”, smiled St Peter, “A paid inclusion....” , then opening up the Great Gates, pearing way way down, and shrugging his shoulders at alternatives for our own man for  his indulgence.

“One is not generally paid to think, rather to do a job, another persons thoughts upon demand. Few if any times is one ever honored for ‘thoughts’ in the modern world. This is a fact. When one thinks of it, most creative jobs are nil, non existent and filled with others demands which nullify ones own creative vision out of necessity for keeping ones job. These are the basic, a 101 which isnt often thought about, nor reasoned. The fact that arts...any allowed is a matter of perspective, and controversy. If an artist paints his ideas are scaled back, often compromised by the culture to the delivery of what may be the production of slickly spread toothpaste, supply and demand of certain trite material always a fixture, and a demand if he wishes to live and not starve, or have one bean on a table at the end of the day he can call his own. Usually its a compromise. No its always a comprmise...and a firm demand! Pay for play if one is to put ones ‘Money where ones mouth is in Western Culture’. How honored are we to be able to introject even one thought into the system of primal demands, for Pay for Play is an institution, a directive, all art truely should be paid for...but is not to the manipulators of the “system”, which at least in our lifetimes is not recoverable, distanced, and propelled into little boxes to be subdued, and converted into a Kleenex box of non-thought, for profit of a few, a sneeze of the many, but not the common good, which let out such notions as even being Romantic.”
Heizen Grocer

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