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"My Story... and Journey" 


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My Story…


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           Based on a True Story

          Writer: Unknown





So my question…. Why? I'mgoing to tell you the story to how my life turned out to the word “why”. My mommet my dad on college, so the usual thing happened you know, they fell in love,fell out of love, became a couple and finally married. They bought a houseafter college and they both started to work to earn money, my dad joined thearmy and my mom started to work as a graphic designer.

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So every thing seemedpretty great. They had a house, a car, family, and a great marriage. My mom was and still is greatat her job, my dad loved the army, they had time together, money to spend, anda great life. They felt they don’t need friends because if they have each otherthey’re happy.                                                           <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->      <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->      <!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->

My dads family loved mymom and my moms family loved my dad, they where the best match, as they say “Amatch made in heaven “. In there sixth year of marriage they decided they want achild, they got so happy and excited. They triedand tried but nothing happened, they saw doctorsand nobody could help them.

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At their seventh year of marriage, theysaw one last doctor. He gave them horriblethings to do and drink. They didn’t like it but they pulled through. Aboutthree months after seeing the doctor and doing these weird things, my mom fellpregnant.  So their I was, not part ofthe world yet but I was their.

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My moms tummy wasgrowing bigger and bigger by the day. And the more they think about me theyrealize that their time together is getting less. They painted out a room for me;they bought a crib, and cloths for me to wear. My mom asked her work if it’sfine if she still works till the baby’s their, to earn more money for the baby.


My dad went on a worktrip with the army to Antarctica my mom wasalone at home, he was their for three months, my parent wrote to each otheralmost every day. When he came back our lives turned back to normal again.

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My mom had a baby showeron about seven months my dads mom and sister planed it all out. My mom had agreat baby shower, while still working. One lazy afternoon my mom felt funnyand realized that her water broke and she is going to have this baby now, shecalled my dad and while driving like a Moran he took her to the hospital tohave their baby.

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More than twenty fours laterin the hospital my dad was holding her hand through the whole thing and thenshe finally had me out. So theirs my first gasp to air. The doctor said, “Tentoes ten fingers, good work” he blinked at her and gave me to my mom, she heldme against her chest knowing I am hers. I guess if she knew what she now knowstoday maybe things would have turned out different.  

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So the next day we allwent home as a family, my grand parents, aunt’s and uncles came to look at methe next day. My dad went to work telling every one he knows that he is afather now. My mom called everyone even as far as over seas to tell them thegood news.

At last we where one,together, a family, we had everything we ever dreamed of having.


So my moms time with mewas getting less and she started to work again. And their I was my first day atschool, I guess you can’t really call it school, but it was after all an eightto four routine. I was six months old, scared and crying at the front door ofthe nursery.


My life suddenly changedto a routine every day over and over again the same old story. The timetogether at night and on weekends as a family we enjoyed. We went to visit mydads parent almost every second weekend. We went on vacation year after year, Istill remember my first Christmas, and it was a great time of my life.

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About a year after I wasborn my moms sister had her first child, so again their I was. I guess my firstrejection in life, now I’m not the cutest anymore now it’s my niece. She alwaystook the lime light from me when we where young. Although we played together alot and we where and still is very close.


My mom then went on avacation with her work to Mauritiusfor a week or so. My mom left me at my dads mom knowing I’ll be ok their. Sonow for the first time since we are a family my dad had nothing to come home toafter work.

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My dad chose to stayafter work to have a drink or so with the guys. So their dad met a women, shewas blond, beautiful, and almost ten years younger than him. They had some innocentfun, or so ill call it. Till today nobody really knows what happened that day,except my dad and this woman of course.

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Maybe it was amind-shift or a spell or maybe to much to drink or the sex, ill probably neverknow. But something must have happened that he decided it looks better than thelife he has now.


My mom came home and Iwas back, my dad told my mom that he heard that she was sleeping with other menin Mauritius,that wasn’t true of course. They had a fight, cleared it out and went on withlife.


In about a month or somy dad came home after work as usual.

Me and my mom sat ontheir bed waiting for him, he stormed in very angry, my mom asked what’s wrong,he opened the closet door pulled out a travel bag, looked back and answered, “I'mhaving an affair”.

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My mom started to cry,he was busy packing he’s things, I was sitting their not understanding what wasgoing on looking at how this is going to play off. My mom asked what did she dowrong, he said its not you it’s my fault. He finished packing, kissed megoodbye, ran to the front door with my mom following, he turned around andsaid,” I want a divorce, our son will have the best of both worlds”.

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My mom turned aroundwith red eye’s crying, she walked to me, sat next to me and I asked ” when isdaddy coming back?” she waited a minute or so and then said in a scared andsoft voice “ never “. I realized that my dad isn’t coming home again I startedto cry.


I guess this is aquestion I still ask myself some times “why, what did I do to deserve this?” myfirst real life rejection, my dad walked out on me at the age of three. Withboth me and my moms hearts broken we went on with life my mom signed the papersand, I may see my dad every second weekend. 

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About a year after my parent’sdivorce my dad married this woman he had an affair with, it was a green weddingin the bush at some kind of farm. After that I saw my dad every second weekendfor about another year.

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My mom had boyfriendsbut no longer than a month or two. When I saw my dad we had some fun timestogether, I was now four. So one warm summer Saturday morning my dad had to goin for work and me and my new step-mom stayed at home together. I touched the catand she went crazy ( probably seeing a opportunity), she grabbed my arm pulledme to the bathroom hit me with a belt, my ass was blue, she then locked me intheir for the rest of the day.

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My dad came home, whenshe heard his car she unlocked me and taught me that I should say hello and actnormal, and if I where to tell him she would do it to me again, I kept my mouthand went home the next day crying.

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I taught my mom everything she contacted my dads sister she was a lawyer, we got a restraining orderagainst her. My dad called his mom and told her that we should leave them aloneand that if we where to contact them they where to ignore us.

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We went on with life, mymom had boyfriends, I loved school, I made friends with the neighbors, and westill visited my gran (my dad’s mom). We didn’t have much contact with my dad.


We went on vacation yearafter year, we had money, cars, and a home. In school I always had rejection. Ialways and still have more girl friends than boys. I sucked at relationships, Ihad a girl here or their but no big deal. I always was teased by otherchildren, it became an everyday usual thing in my life.

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Although througheverything I went through at such young age I still loved people (I guess my escaperoute from the real world…people), I cried myself to sleep years after that.Although I didn’t really remember or knew my dad I still cried about him.

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If people where to askme at that age where’s my dad I would tell them I didn’t have one. My mom toldme a lot about him, a few time I though we drove by him (Urg… I wish).

I had a few picturesthat I kept, and if I missed him id look at the pictures and cry. At that ageit was my life, my mission: to find my dad, or at least know him better. I askedeveryone I knew know my dad to tell me a story of him, that’s all I had to holdon to, memories and photos, that’s my dad, a piece of paper and a though in myhead. My mom cried about him but never in front of me, of course.

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So from the age four toten, this was my life, my dad a paper, my mom sad and still living in the housewe bought with him. We wanted to begin a new start, a new beginning that wouldlead us to a happy ever after. We sold the house and bought a big double storyhome with a splash pool, and we felt great knowing we now have a new home. Mygrandfather my moms dad died that year, it was a horrible time in the family.

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So again rejection atschool, home, family, I'm angry at God, a miserable time of my life. So a monthin our new home, great time, one night they broke in and stole some of ourthings, you know the usual, pots pans, play stations ect. Luckily we got newones, no big deal right.


Suddenly the money flowstarted to get less and less, our first time, BROKE from now on we live onbread, my whole lifestyle changed, from prawns to bread. I realize I need tomake things right with God, so I say sorry. But nothing gets better.

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I now turned eleven andmy dads mom, died this year. My dad was invited to the funeral knowing his lastwords to her were definitely not great words. So my whole life I prepared thisspeech for one day when I shall see him again, you know I hate you, why daddywhy did you do this to us. So we stopped at the funeral climbed out, and walkedacross the grass, we then came around the corner turned around and their wewhere standing in my dads arms, with me crying and my mom not getting a wordout. I turned around and I noticed that I was in a woman’s arms, so I asked:”sorry who are you” she replied: “your dads wife, you know” in shock I saidhello and walked into my moms arms. I was askedto carry the coffin, I then said no, I was too emotional.

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After the funeral my dadasked his dad for my number, my gran dad gave it to him telling him:” Son youmessed this up once, don’t do it again, don’t hurt him again” my dad called meand talked to me, day after day, I couldn’t get enough of his voice.

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I stared to see himagain every weekend or so that I could, me and my step-mom are friends now, Iguess ill never forgive them, or maybe not just yet. We had great times onthese weekends, we would go on trips, shopping, fishing, and tons of otherstuff. Everything was great, I had a life at, my moms and at my dads, I guess Ihad the best of both worlds. It’s just too bad it was so quick. About a yearafter I was seeing my dad, he came to fetch me as usual, while we drove to hishome on the high-way, he puts the music off and tells me:” son I have somethingto tell you” I looked at him asking:” yes daddy” he then got tears in his eyes,looked at  me and said:” we are going to immigrate”it felt as if bricks was falling down on my shoulders, my heart fell into myshoes, I looked away from him and said:” where to?” I looked back at him withtears rolling down my cheeks he said:” Australia” I then started to cry and asked:”when?” he touched my shoulder and said:” in six months” the rest of the weekendI was rather still, I got home, ran to my room, took out pictures, andlistening to sad music I cried myself to sleep for three hours.

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I sat asking myself, ifhe knew he was going to leave the county a year ago when we reconciled, and  leave and reject me AGAIN, WHY the fuck did he reconcile, now I have ALL thosefeeling AGAIN, all the feeling that took me ten year to deal with, he gives itback in a simple conversation. I went through a hard time dealing with theseemotions, I supported them, and they left as they said six months later. Ourcommunication got less, much less but we went one with life. I now was thirteenand I couldn’t care less about the world and the people around me. I became arebel, I started to drink, smoke, I was cutting myself, I had friends with aBAD influence in my life, I had my first sexual experience, I got an eye piercing,my grades sucked, all things i'm not really proud of.

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My dad called me tellingme i’m going to visit them in Australia.It was a great week of my life. The day I came back, I sat in the airplane,crying and crying, I realized it’s the first time I walked away from my dad andthis time it’s not him walking out, but me. I cried and cried I found a song onmy music list “someone like you” by Adele. So I put this song on repeat, I hadmy earphones on, and I cried for fourteen hours listening to that song all theway on the flight.

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I climbed off theairplane and bought the CD immediately, I saw my mom, fell into her arms,crying and crying. We got home and for a week id just sit in my room listeningto this one song, looking at photo’s and crying till  I couldn’t anymore. The I realized that lifeis more than just smoking and piercing, I prayed and came clean I left my badfriends and I went on to the straight and narrow, life’s about memories,moments, family, and friends.

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My step-mom couldn’t getchildren, or so they told us, but she fell pregnant.I found it hard very emotional, I thought that my dad wouldforget about me and go on with his wife and child he has in a other country.Just think of every time that he does something with her he would think that hedidn’t do it with me, its sad but I cant do anything about it now. Today I madepeace with it although it’s another rejection in my life. She is after all myhalf-sister.

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I went to a new schoolfor high-school and I met two great girls their, today they are my bestfriends, they are my everything, I love school cause I know ill see them their,they always support me.

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I had a rough year and i’mheading to a great life, MY HAPPY ENDING. We are going to rent out our home andwe are moving in with a man my moms getting engaged to in a few days, they willmarry, we will have lots of money again, new stuff and a life, with that i’mgoing to a new school next year for English so that I can go overseas when I’meighteen I’m going to rule the world.

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 I’m going to Australia again, this time I’mgoing to asked all these “whys” in this story to my dad, this time I wantanswers, lots of answers, then when I have my answers ill be able to go on withlife and put my past behind me and just look forward, so I guess this is it i’mgoing to start MY HAPPY ENDING, cause this is after all my life, my story.Thanks for reading my life story, I hoped you learned something, forgive thosethat done wrong, always look forward. Go out their and write your story, yourhappy ending…


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