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"When life gets you down to your knees" 


Date Range: 01/01/1995 To 12/31/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 131
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"You know that i wish this night would never be over cause there is time to sleep when we die. so lets just stay awake until we grow older." this song says too much. once upon a time there was a girl who's strong enough she failed enough to lose again, she never fails a trying to get what she wanted she would do whatever possible to get it. This girl lives in a really cold place, her dad lost his fortune she was raised by a queen who would do anything for her children until she woke up from the dream she was living in, her own fairytale disappeared, this girl who was raised as a princess was kicked out of the castle,her father gave up his throne. He's poor more like broke now, he lost it all, the parents got divorced, this girl stood on her own feet no matter where life is gonna take her she has always been strong and ready, people never killed her but only made her stronger, she would stand alone, stand tall, head held high and she would never accept the reality of the loss she'd always look for a change. her friends were always there, they are all rich, more like billionaires. The life she lived taught her to hate guys because she sometimes hated her own father, he never trusted her with anything and he treats her like a child although she was almost eighteen with two younger sisters. he treated her like a child who doesn't even know how to walk yet, i guess he was too protective. But she was beyond that, she knew it all from the start how her hero turned out to be such a loser, with a huge failure, Yeah! her father was such a bad example even though he treats her right sometimes and she loves him to death most of the times that she feels bad for him but she never wanted to ever be like him, he's good at acting and pretending and failing. She's thanks god every night that she lives with her mother! even though, her mother can be really UN-understandable, sadness and depression kind of mothers. well she works all day and night to feed her children maybe that's why. she's a good woman, she can be 10 times man example. she's a very successful woman who deserve better in her life but instead she pays for living and every bill even though she's not supposed to pay for it, it's the father job... When the father doesn't work and lives with his brothers money and doesn't care about the 3 kids he left behind even though his brothers are millionaires.. This is when life knocked her to her knees, She hates love so she'll never fall in love, she thinks that even a good guy is a bad guy in disguise, she never believed in love and butterflies and rainbows and happy endings, she was in pain but she never stopped trying to change her reality. she trusts no man and no woman. they are all actors in the play that's why she.. Uses them. Bad habit she believes in but she's living for her own, every guy falls for her and then she let them go, break their hearts to pieces and leave, She's attractive.. doesn't smoke or drink or into hooking up, she takes everything she wants without giving a simple thing. she's so smart. she turned out just like her father good at acting and pretending as if she experienced love and loved killed her, as if she had died and came back to life, No, she experienced alot worse instead. that's why she turns out to be full of self-confidence that people thinks she's arrogant. she's hot, smart, beautiful face, sexy body, all perfect and very unique that she attracts every guy around, her girls calls her "blondie" more like "legally blonde" girl but those who knew her they knew her true colors they can see her deep black hair and that blurry background they can see the pain in her hazel eyes and how she's wise and smart. they can see the hatred she holds in her heart for the life. she comes out heartless but thats because she never tasted love. she comes out too strong and hard-to-get. What else can make her life worse? being stabbed in the back! by her best friends who stood so low and so cheap and chosen their boyfriends over her but oh well? does it make any difference? totally not! still she's never alone she lives with no expectations that means she doesnt expect anything from anyone, she's never surprised when people leave shes actually more surprised when they stay. she has seen worse in fact it only makes her rise taller and stand stronger with her feet on the ground. her new friends might be loyal but then again they might be worse but she lives for the now and the moment she never looks back or forward for what tomorrow is hiding, she forgets quickly and forgives easily she doesnt give a damn. Everyday is a new day! she forgot the past and believes that there will always be sunrise after every stormy night and after every sunset, she doesnt care about anything in this life but herself "My god then My pride" thing. What people take seriously for her is just a piece of gum. she holds a heart of a stone and she likes the way she is, beauty and personality but no money.. so what? she's only seventeen years old she has alot to do in this life, thats why she studies hard and learns to live. "if its not happy then its no the end yet" God stands with people like her and thats all she needs so pray! she prays day and night and she always says that " why would i join them when i beat them" this refers to all the people who did her wrong and made her stronger, She thanks them for raising her higher "throw my name through the mud i come out clean" she believes. "people dont judge me i mean what they see is what i choose to show them based on their attitude and my personality is based on who you are like , people dont really know me you know?" TO BE CONTINUED.,,

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