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Its like Thailand 25 years ago, thats how the south east asian fan will describe Laos go back 15 years more and you have Pakse, a small town in south Laos at the border of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Most of the visiting peoples are buisness man, Mafiosi, drug dealers and backpackers.

That's where Eliane and me decided to make a new start, well actually it was my decision Eliane just followed me.

I'm not going to go too much in detail on how I found the job or how we broke up, but for the story's about Laos and for the few peoples who might read it I have to write down a list of important things about Pakse:

-I was living in a room in front of the hotel where I was working in house as old as the world

-I was head Chef of 2 restaurant:one at the lobby a panoramic restaurant at the rooftop of the hotel.

-there is 2 main Clubs in Pakse and there full from Monday to sunday

-there is 2 types of drugs you can buy in Pakse: Weed that grow almost everywhere and cost 200$ a kg and Jaba, one of the most dangerous drug together with crack, meth and Krokodil.

-There is a carefew that start at 10 pm

-Laos is one of the most corrupt country in the world

-Relation between Laotian and foreigners are forbiden by the law

-The Laotian are practising a martial arts called Muay Lao, wich is a derivate of the well known Muay Thai.

-Laotian eat everything: bugs, bat, monkeys, cats dogs...

-My favorite Cafe where I use to hang out was managed by an Italian guy and is girlfriend a ladyboy from Pattaya

-The consum of drugs are punishing by death.

That's all you need to know at the moment, let's start...



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