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If I could write a whole novel about how to be a good friend, Elisa would be who I would write about. I have had many friends, and acquaintances throughout my life, but it is rare to find one as loyal, or as kind as her. 

I met Elisa when I was eight years old, after she moved right next door to Alexis from Vancouver. She was a year older than me, and because she had been adopted from Peru, she was the darkest person I had seen since my vacation to Jamaica the previous year. Almost immediately Elisa and I became close friends. She was a welcome escape from my regular group of friends, and loved to play "spies" just as much as I did.
That's not to say my friendship with Mitchi and Alex was fading. In fact that's quite the opposite. Being the middle right in between the two of them worked out perfectly for me. The two of them were my world, and the only two people in the world who I felt as if truly understood me. Mitchi was the deep thinker of the group, but at the same time was outgoing and friendly. Everyone who met him wanted to be around him, and he always has had a special aura about him. He can make anyone feel comfortable with him, and has a pure heart. Then there was Alexis...She was my soul sister, the person who understood my brain perfectly, and knew me like she knew the back of her hand. At the same time however, she could be a little much. She wasn't exactly the most kind and compassionate child, and had no problem pushing another child, or giving attitude. However, she never would do anything to hurt me, and loved me more than anyone. Needless to say however, Elisa's presence made her nervous. I had many friends in school, but none of them had become as close to me as Elisa. The two of us would sit at her house and play video games, or play on her tire swing, and trampoline. This enraged Alex who lived right across the street and could see all the fun Elisa and I were having right through her bedroom window. She did everything to make Elisa's life miserable. She would mock Elisa to her face, since Elisa had a severe learning disability that caused her to have difficulties with her speech. "She sounds like a dummy," Alex would always say, and for the first time in my life I challenged my best friend. Soon enough, Alexis learned not to insult Elisa around me, but never exactly treated her kindly. This is ironic considering that one day Elisa would step in for her, and take care of me when she no longer could.

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