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"From Castlerea To Canterbury" 


Date Range: 01/01/1958 To 01/01/1962   Comments: 0   Views: 84
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I was born in Castlerea, Co Roscommon, Ireland in the grand old year of 1958. My father John was a farm labourer at what was then the local TB (tuberculosis) hospital or Sanitarium as it was then called. My mother Eileen was one of 10 children and I have been told her marriage to my father was an arranged match. Castlerea then was a busy market town with a population of less than 2000. The only recreation my dad engaged in was visiting the local pub and my mother would bicycle to her family home once a week on a Sunday to visit her sisters and catch up on the local gossip. Our house was a small one bed cottage with a tin roof. There was no water, electricity or indoor toilet. There was a large fireplace which was a source of warmth and light in the dark evenings. Extra illumination was provided by a parafin oil lamp. My early memories recall a large battery powered radio with an illuminated dial. I watched this with fascination from my cot in the living area and wondered where the voices came from. My mother would often hold me on her knee and show me pictures from the magazines she would read-Irelands Own and Womans Way. I cried when I saw pictures of bars of chocolate and could not understand why I could not have them right away. There was never much money in our house and my mother often told me she prayed that I would have "brains" She believed if I was to progress in the world I would need to use my wits and every night she would ask God, Father Son & Spirit to take care of me. Indeed I have been told that my first words were "Father Son Spirit" (Was this an omenof things to come?) We spent 4 years in that little cottage before moving to No 17 Arm Castlerea where I was to spend all of my childhood and teenage life

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