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"Not my Day...How did I get here" 


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I think it will be easier to start fromNow. I am not a writer just a real person going thru real problems and perhaps worst speller in the world. But my frustrations and stress have a need for release. So this isnt a writer some may go crazy wanted to punctuate. I will laugh as I know this from the beginning. But my story is not funny. Today I cry because I am losing my home. I reached the end of my struggle and for the one that never gives up. I give up. I have signed the papers I get to wait now. Wait to see if they take the home or deem it in such bad shape it is not worth taking. I have spent 2 years selling whats in it to survive so its not totally unexpected. So rather than go off in different directions I will give you one day. Its a normal day I woke up around noon. I work 2nd and can fall asleep until early morning so this is normal. Checked on my son who is bipolar borderline something I cant spell. I always open his shades to wake him or he will sleep all day and night some days. We fed the dogs and ran to get gas for the mower and $1 burger at Mcdonalds with a $1 coke. Washed some dishes and took some daily photos to sell off some clutter on a local yard-sale page.(That comes later as well) By the time we got home and he ate it was time for the 4:00 news and to prepare for work. about 5 min prior to signing on to work my son dropped the mail on my desk. I didn't have time to read it just a couple items. One my house payment then some papers. I had a rest between calls so I opened my house payment to scan it in. It wasn't the payment due it was my escrow information informing me my insurance was charged at a higher amount than expected and unless I pay $2340 my payment increased to $865. If I do pay that it goes to only. Haha $655 well that wont happen but let me ck to see what I can pay till I figure this out. So I check my stub for my check that will be deposited Friday this should be my bonus check since last one was really low. Not so much last one was Bonus this one was worse.l cant even cover normal house payment as my wages have been garnished AGAIN. I have only been back to work for a year after 1 year unemployed. I reached my limit I only owe 30, 000 in debt besides my home but. So now I am working and very upset. You see today is also my sisters Birthday, she was murdered at age 16 her name was Tami. I can make it thru just 7 more hours to go at this point It will all work out. Thats what I always say. Well it didnt next callers name was Tammy. Wow I can still do this. I guess I wasnt doing as well as I thought It was recomended I log out and contact my super. great idea I cried 4 days as I visited the local attorneys and listed everything I owned including my dog as an asset that may be taken. You see in the state of TN caring for an adult disabled child means nothing. But dad got off scott free when he turned 18. So here I am Now what I can hope to win the lotto. I dont need millions I thing 120, 000 will pay off my house and debts and leave me secure. But the chances of that are not good so I give up everything and still pay more than what i have for a house that belongs to someone else and has no memories of the kids growing up. Out of time should I start from the beginning next?

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