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"Age 10-15" 


Date Range: 01/01/1999 To 12/31/2004   Comments: 0   Views: 83
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The school i went to went from first year to last, but the high school part was in a different part. When i was 11 i got in another fight because i accidentlly walked in to someone. Life was just pain. i was terrible academically and would fail all the time. when i got home i would either cry or just lay on my bed staring at the wall. when i was 12 Natalia came back. When i saw her my heart stopped. As i had forgotten about her and now i see her. When i was 13 i still had no friends and my life was same boring missery. I had the biggest shock when i was invited to Natalia's 14th birthday. even though i would never talk to her and no one liked me. When i was there i was panicing and when i got to the door when she said hi, i just froze. i just sat down the whole time not knowing what to do. Then 5 guys came up to me pulling jy pants down including my underwear, everyone saw including Natalia. I ran out crying. my house was over 4 miles away so i just ran out on the street in the dark crying not caring about anything. I ended up running on the road and getting hit by a car. i woke up in hospital with my mother and and sister sitting beside me. i had broken my arm. I told my mother i wanted to chaage schools. So at the age of 14 i changed school. I made my first friend ever and finally i didnt feel so misserable. I will say his name was Jake to put a name on them. Jake was my bestfriend and i started going to his house alot. a while after i turned 15 my mother died. I was so sad and just cryed for months.

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