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"My Birth and Childhood" 


Date Range: 08/01/1972 To 07/04/2007   Comments: 1   Views: 7,525
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My Birth and Childhood.

I was born on 1st August 1972 to a very lovingly Parents.  I remember very little about my child hood but I keep listening from my mom & Dad how I used to be when I was still a baby.

Very nice thing to hear in life about how you were when you don't  remember that  yourself from others who have brought you up....  Isn't it so?

As I was telling, I was born to a very lovingly Parents.  My father was a State Government employee and if any one knows about the salary a State Government employees was getting at that time !!!!!!!!!!  you just can't believe it.  About 400 to 500 rupees per month.  You just can't imagine that amount today.  In present day one day expense per person itself will be that much 
( That too with a very simple lifestyle).  But my father used to manage the whole show with that much amount.  That was the order of that day.  Everyone had income in that range and things were moving very smoothly and there was not much of tension in thefamilies and people of that time is contended with what they had.

My father still lives in tht way only.  I think probably that is the secret of his good health now even at 70 . 

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