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Date Range: 08/01/1972 To 07/19/2007   Comments: 0   Views: 3,397
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Grand Parents are very interesting characters in any one’s life according to me.

They are the one who tolerate and enjoy all our mischief. You can’t just do the

Same thing with your parents or any body else.

In a society like ours ( Indian) where family bondage is more and we give lot of importance and respect to the family relationships this concept of grand parents is more attractive and important.

I still remember when i was 3 or 4 years of age and my grand mothers used to
make my hair and decorate it with some rose flowers.  I still love those days.
Grand parents are one who spendd more time with their grand childrens and  teaches values and lessions of the life through the play.

I have not seen my paternal Grand mother because she died when my father wa about 5 years old.   There are 8 sibllings with my father and when my grand mother died my last aunt i.e. my father sister was just 9 months old baby.  My grand father has taken all the pains and pleasure in bringing up
8 kids on his own. This is really a great achievement of my grandpa.

During that time still Britishers were ruling India and Indians are facing all
sorts of social, economic and policital problems.  Especially in villages where
my grandpa was there it is full of poverty, disease, no education ....... very
horrible situation.  My grandpa was a village head called " SHANBOG" at that
time.  But still there was shrtoage of basic equipment.... Food clothing, education....... This was infact the scene from every house and every village.......  It is even difficulat to imagine the struggle he has made in bringing up 8 children with ot any ones help......  My hats of to him.  He was there till his 88 years of age .....  a Principled man.....  Never deepend on any
one and he walked through his life alone and discharged his all his responsibilities duly.

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