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"Lake Tahoe is crispy!" 


Date Range: 07/29/2007 To 08/05/2007   Comments: 0   Views: 4,503
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So last week a bunch of us went to Tahoe to check out how it was and do some biking and hiking. One of our friends has a rich stepdad who has a house there. It was SSWWEETTT!

Fire Angora, probably started by an illegal wildfire that spread out of control, devastated a lot of the land. It was really sad. Totally disgusting. Some asshole decides that he can build a fire and contain it. Spreads out. Houses destoryed, entire sections of the mountain are completely burnt down. Mountain looks like it has a black scar running on its underbelly.

Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places on earth. This was only my 2nd time being there but it's really nice. Everyone says that Canada has so many lakes too but the problem is that you can't get to them easily. You gotta seriously rough house it to go to some lake that's really fresh and good water. Canada is great too man if you like the outdoors. I'm not disrespecting my own country.

But Tahoe is cool. Lots of babes, and tons of stuff to do. You can boat, swim, hike, kayak, fish (bor-ing!), bike, camp.

We did that thing where you are hooked up to a boat and you fly in the sky. I went up with Jack, mate who's kinda fat, and dude was pulling down the rope. I got off and asked if I could do it again myself and they said no, one time only. Rip off.

But Tahoe is fun and this weekend was great. We got a chance to see the level of destruction up close after a fire, and this was even a few weeks later when much had been cleaned up. But entire houses just gone with only chimneys left. It was so wild.

Fire is super dangerous. I hate people who throw out their ciggies from the car. I hope Tahoe recovers. They were saying it will take like 70 years or something before the water is clear again. That sucks man.

Lake Tahoe rules though.

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