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"Why I Hate Girls" 


Date Range: 07/13/1995 To 08/05/2007   Comments: 9   Views: 103,690
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Sometimes I really hate girls. It all started in about 2nd grade when Jenny Foreman (oh yeah I named you girl!) came up and punched me in the back of the head on the school bus. Punched me and hard. We all rode the bus, and since I was one of the last stops she did it right in front of everyone. At that time she was probably the tallest person in our class, so I wasn't going to mess with her. She humiliated me. I seethed in my seat.

It was only a lot later that I figured out that it was my friends who were messing around and said that I said she was "mean". Oooo I know, MEAN GIRLS!

I hate the girl magazine Cosmo. It makes girls insecure because they think they have to be like those people. They don't.

I hate girls when they think they're better than men and use the weaker sex card. Overplayed!

In sixth grade this same Jenny F asked me to cheat with her on a test. We weren't exactly slick back then so she slid my paper to the edge of the desk and let me copy my answers. Only I found out later that she changed them after I copied them all and I got every one wrong. I listened to her because she was still tough back then. Yeah yeah blah blah served me right blah.

In eigth grade I took Anna Banana (nickname) to the Spring Dance and she kissed another dude. Not cool. So I went and found Jenny instead and kissed her. She was my first real kiss.

Jenny and I dated for almost all through highschool. We broke up when we went to different uni's but we're still good friends. She's my advice mom on all my chicks.

Ok I admit it. I love girls!

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Yana Predu said:
posted on Aug 25, 2007
don't hate girls

This is very funny but you should not hate girls. WIthout girls the world is very boring place to live. Yana

Member Since
Dec 2007
Tracy Yeung said:
posted on Dec 14, 2007

actually I hate boys sometimes~cause i was ever hurt by boys twice~ my heart has already broken..but i do admit that there are still many good boys in the world~ Tracy

Member Since
Feb 2008
Tenaya Lee said:
posted on Feb 02, 2008

And more smiles...too cute.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Simone Adams said:
posted on Feb 20, 2008
Ha! I knew you loved girls. :-)

Brian, First let me say thanks for the post on my story. Yes, my true love found me on this website. (see, being a romantic finally paid off) And although I hope I never need them, you keep those ninjas close by, just in case. As for you, isn't it funny how relationships work? You never know what you're going to get. The bully chic turned out to be your first kiss and good friend. Now, that's romantic! Well, don't settle down too soon. I have a feeling you've got a lot more fun to be had! Love 'em or hate 'em...just be sure to enjoy them.

Member Since
May 2008
Theresa Barnett said:
posted on Jul 16, 2008
Ihate girls

do you like boys?

Member Since
Dec 2007
Jodie Andrefski said:
posted on Jul 17, 2008
I still

absolutely love this story. heh Cracks me up everytime. =) *pictures Brian chasing the girls around the playground.....* ;-)

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Jul 17, 2008

Um, did you actually read my story? Look at the last line.

Member Since
May 2008
Theresa Barnett said:
posted on Jul 19, 2008
yes i did

I did not mean to affend you i just thought maybe you liked boys,the way Jenny treated you IT DOES HAPPEN my best friend was gay

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Jul 22, 2008

You didn't offend me. I have lots of gay friends and am not uptight about that at all like my parents are. We are a different generation (although ignorance still runs rampant among the young). I just don't see anything in my story that hints that I'm gay... lol. If I were, I'd have no problem admitting it. But, I'm not. :) In high school, all people are out for themselves.