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"The 1st and Only Time I Tried Illegal Substances" 


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The first and only time I ever tried illegal substances (and the LAST; man I like my body too much) I won't lie - it was awesome but sucked. What does that mean? DON"T DO DRUGS KIDS. Yeah we hear this our whole lives war on drugs blah blah blah but no one really says why drugs are bad but so many people get so hooked to the point of dying on them.

I got to my friend XXX's house later than I'd promised. There were a bunch of people there and when I got there they all told me I'd gotten there JUST IN TIME or I'd have missed out (wish I would have).

So we eat some mushrooms all the while the kids are saying it's all natural man, just go with it. I wasn't buying that peyote argument for a millisecond but whatev.

Takes a while to work. I start slowly feeling sleepy but not tired. It's hard to explain. I just started having all these weird thoughts about life and holiness and everything seemed so deep and so intense. I felt like I was living in a world that no one knows about but us as we sat and pondered the universe.

XXX goes into his room and comes out with a freaking gun! He says his brother gave it to him a while ago.

"It's not loaded man, stop being such a wuss." Aimed at me.

My heart stopped for a new your minute.

"Bam. You're dead." He looked at me and smiled. I swear I saw the devil in his eyes, possessed for a moment.

Everyone started laughing but I wanted nothing more at that moment than to NOT be high. To think straight. I started yelling at them and they kept telling me to chill out.

Finally he put the gun away and I just decided to watch TV, although it was near impossible to follow what was going on. These "Deep thoughts" kept intruding.

Another friend (female) decided it would be funny to record our conversations. I've never listened to them because I cannot imagine there would be anything stupider than a bunch of tripped out young people having a deep conversation.

No desire to repeat the experience. But unfortunately I can see the lure, especially if you can't find anything too interesting in your "real" life.



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