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"Honeymoon Jitters" 


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Three years ago, I met Nick and he's an awesome person.  After a few years of dating, we decided to get married.  I was situated in my life, mature (sorta!) and I was ready to marry him.  I love him.  We balance and enhance each other and I knew that we would have a good life together (etc. etc.)


I wasn't nervous on our wedding day (except for a brief moment right when I walked down the aisle) – in fact, I was excited to get the show on the road!  I was so happy we had so many friends and family coming together to celebrate with us.  And the day was truly perfect in my mind.  Heck, I'd do it all over because it was so much fun (parents be warned!).  More wedding stories to come, but this one is about our honeymoon….


So, after the wedding and the fabulous brunch at my parent's house the next day, we drove back to DC and got ready to fly to the Greek Isles the following day.  As we were packing, it hit me.  PANIC.  Oh my gosh, I just got freaking married and I'm (for all intents and purposes) "stuck" with this man for the rest of my life!!!!!

My heart started racing and I felt dizzy.  Nick and I hadn't lived together before so I'd never spent so much time with this man. What if it was all a disaster?  What if….god forbid….I don't like him??  We're about to travel overseas together and spend EVERY waking, sleeping, eating, breathing, plane hopping, layover sitting, airplane turbulence experiencing, cranky tourist dodging, jet-lagged MOMENT together - and what happens if I get sick of him after 2 days and wish it all never happened??  I was having a total mental freak-out!


Somehow I managed to muster the strength, get on the plane, and start the journey with my new husband.  And so the story goes…he is AWESOME!  And once I let all the anxiety go and remember why I married him, I was finally able to relax and enjoy the trip.  We spent 10 days laughing, eating, sleeping, basking, connecting, living and enjoying life as newlyweds. 




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shruti sharma said:
posted on Jan 29, 2008

hehe u r lucky...........tht ur hubby is awesome..... but its really difficult kinda thing..... to live ur whole life with same person... i wonder.... how come couples live together 4 years..... hehe... if i were one of them definitely i would hve been get bored.... (happy maried life)