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"Worst Christmas EVER" 


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1999 was the worst Christmas ever.

First my mom got sick with the flu. Then my bro. Then me. Then my aunt Susie came over and she got sick, and took it to all her kids (the ones we always spend Christmas day with). Who wanted to think about presents (well maybe I won't go THAT far right), food (vomit) or singing (hurl).

This was the year that my father left my mother for several months. Hell if I know what he was doing off while not caring about us but he was gone. Yeh still some bitterness there pops, so deal.

Dad didn't bother showing up on Christmas Day. He called us later with some lameass excuse about the snow and travel and taking us out for New Year's. We all waved the phone away and made sure he heard a good vomit stream into the toilet. Take that Dad, wherever you're off sneaking around with.

Hated seeing Moms all down like that, so we tried to gather in the tv room and watch movies, but didn't seem the same drinking sprite and eating saltines.

Mom tried to get up and give us some gifts. Knowing her she probably had her shopping done Dec 26th, 1998 for the following year, which is why we never got anything cool that was up to date, but she still always got us a lot of stuff. Some stuff that was total crap, like socks and underwear, which is embarassing to get from your mom by the way.

That year though she got me and Rex both mountain bikes and the best part was though that we had no idea. Usually we know all the hiding spots and knew at least most of our presents before hand. This year though she had our neighbor keep them in his garage. He brought them over and kncoked on teh door. Rex dragged his sorry butt over and opened the door. No one there but 2 Rockhoppers with bows on them. That was wicked cool. She smiled weakly from the sofa. Rex wheeled them in and we checked them out until exhausted we fell asleep watching TV again.

The bikes totally rocked. The only problem was that we were too sick over christmas break to ride (uh yeh dad it was so snowy out) and we got better just in time to go back to school. Go figure.

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